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Colene Kennedy Championing a Passion for Helping Abuse and Assault Victims



Overcoming adversity is a personal journey that can either be achieved by oneself or by getting a push from someone who understands what it entails. Many people have been sucked into their trials and difficulties and have found it hard to find themselves or their true purpose. Being a victim of abuse and other ordeals, Colene Marie Kennedy has taken it upon herself to help as many people as possible so they can rise above their problems. As a single mom of five young adult children, Colene Kennedy knows firsthand what many young underprivileged people are going through, and she has decided to build something to solve these problems.

Life dealt Colene Kennedy many blows just because of the mere fact that she was born female, and at an early age, she was given up for adoption. She later ended up in a group home before she was sent to foster care. Colene has experienced the highs and lows of life, and despite that, she found a way to make something out of herself. She is now working hard to ease the path for many others currently going through the same.

Colene Kennedy took up community activism to make a difference, and she has worked with legislation over the years to uphold victims’ rights and get them the justice they deserve. She has led causes like “Me Too” and “Take Back Your Story” Rallies on Boise Capitol’s steps. Colene takes things a notch higher by mentoring victims speaking up and coming out of abuse through the court system. Beyond activism, she is also an actress, director, writer, public speaker and trainer.

Her life took a positive turn the moment she decided she was done being a victim. She endured the pain of domestic violence and sexual assault for a long time till she discovered herself, which in turn gave birth to her passion for helping others and empowering them to find their voices. In her words, “Awareness educates, education empowers, and empowerment evokes change.” She established Quest for Freedom, a non-profit organization that rescues and empowers domestic violence and sexual assault victims.

Through her non-profit, she has set many people free and organized sensitization events to encourage victims of abuse to seek refuge under her non-profit. She organized an event called “Trading Colors” in October 2020, which partnered with companies and businesses in her community. The event designed T-shirts which staff of these companies traded their normal work clothes for. “Trading Colors” creates awareness for abuse and provides resources for victims and their families.

Colene is passionate about saving lives and getting people to stand strong on their own after overcoming the abusive phase of their lives. She also designs t-shirts to raise funds that go into helping victims of abuse and their families. Colene intends to work with athletes and sports teams to raise awareness about abuse on a higher level by having them wear her t-shirts. For all her work so far, Colene Kennedy was listed in Yahoo’s “Top 20 People to Follow in 2020.” She also received an award from the former Nampa Mayor for her work on domestic violence and abuse, and she produced Quest for Freedom Hour on Channel 18, Nampa, Idaho.

Learn more about Colene Kennedy on her official Instagram page.

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