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Cross Creek Farm- An Entrepreneurs Vision Comes To Life



If you asked Kyle five years ago if he could imagine himself living on a farm, his answer would have probably been a firm no. However, after visiting his friend’s farm in Tennessee, Kyle’s mindset was quickly changed. He was inspired not only by the magnitude and beauty of the land, but the feeling of freedom and space that it so effortlessly provided. As a result, Kyle was motivated to set out and find some land for himself, where both he and his friends would all be able to get together and share memorable experiences. Kyle had spent the last seven years in South Florida before coming to reside in North Carolina to truly appreciate and enjoy the great outdoors. In order to gain much-needed insight into the prospects of obtaining land, Kyle decided to meet with a realtor and tour the available land for sale in the Blue Ridge Mountainous area which had instantly and unsurprisingly caught his attention. It was the last stop on the realtor’s tour where Kyle unexpectedly encountered his farm. The search for his farm project ended when he saw the 44-acre farm which upon it stood a weary old rundown 1920s farmhouse with undeniable character.

There were many unappealing features to the land which made Kyle uneasy at first. The most obvious being that the house wasn’t even accessible by car as the 35 foot bridge leading to the property had been washed away so you couldn’t even view it without trudging through mud.

In addition to this, the house itself stood uninhabited for seven years, not receiving any maintenance or attention. Even with these huge unsightly obstacles, Kyle was able to see past them and visualize the project’s true potential. Something that even the neighbors were unable to conceptualize as they had the consensus that the building would have to be demolished. Kyle decided to jump in feet first and invest in the property and its land and begun the huge task of stripping the house down to its bare bones. From there, he was able to put his own unique mark on the property and build upon the properties already cool preexisting features such as its solid wood walls. He also showed innovation by re-purposing barn oak from the old barn doors found lying around the property leaving no good thing to waste. Kyle made imperative that the inside of the house was to keep all of its characters and thus styled it to reflect the farmhouse theme. One example is the kitchen, simply by refurbishing and painting over the original solid wood cabinets he was able to preserve the kitchens farmhouse character while at the same time making it his own.

Soon, an eight-car garage with an 11 foot overhead had been built which would store his ATVs, dirt bikes, tractors, four-wheelers and more.

The property also has an 11-acre pasture, three creeks, and a large pond that Kyle hopes will help encourage ecosystems to flourish. A steep climb to the top of the ridge via the trails on the property greets you with breathtaking panoramic views of the Blue Ridge Mountains which Kyle wishes to enhance further. He also plans to continue cleaning up the trails that run through the property not only for his friends and family to enjoy with his four-wheelers and other exhilarating vehicles but for his new neighbors to benefit from as he values the relationships he has formed with them.

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