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Elina Danilova: Reshaping The World of Mental Health



Elina Danilova: Reshaping The World of Mental Health

Adversity is a part of life and comes to everyone in various forms. Elina Danilova knows this all too well and is on a mission to reshape the way we view and handle different challenges and mental health struggles with proven techniques she has practiced in her own life. 

Through a process of self-discovery to succeed in personal and professional life, she understands that the mind and the body are inseparable as what affects the mind inevitably affects the body. It is with this knowledge and understanding that she guides her clients and audience on how to live their best lives.

Her love and passion for improving people’s health and wellness, has driven her to go into consultation with high-level managers whose combined experience in their respective fields bring seasoned approaches to handling issues relating to work-life balance.

Elina Danilova was born in Kazakhstan but grew up in Moscow. She eventually moved to the US as an international student, bagging her BA in Business Administration with a minor in Communications from Asbury University in Wilmore, Kentucky. While at Ashbury, she held a position in the student government, where she supported the improvement of the lives of students on campus. Currently based in Los Angeles, CA, she didn’t always plan to be a life coach but a series of events led her to where she is and what she is deeply passionate about today. She was the go-to guide whenever her friends needed advice, as she recounted in the HWYD (How Was Your Day) podcast, “They would say, talk to Elina, she would help you with life. Are you struggling? Call Elina, she’ll help you with this.” 

Her passion-driven approach in addressing issues of mental health has struck a chord with her clients, placing her services in high demand. Working in the medical field has greatly shaped how she views and addresses mental health. Her first-hand experience from the University of KY and Scripps Hospital in La Jolla, CA have been an eye opener. With over a decade’s experience in the medical field, Elina has earned the respect and admiration of her friends, colleagues, patients, and clients. 

Having the privilege to work in the area of mental health is no easy feat. As she keenly observed and treated patients who struggled with various mental health issues, even though she recognized the significance of prescription drugs, she firmly believes addressing such issues, requires complementary love and care. And so pulling a leaf from her own personal struggles and the difficulty in navigating through it herself, she saw the need to be that person to help others navigate through their life issues. Her struggles have helped her learn valuable life lessons and enabled her to develop empathy for the pain of others.

Elina Danilova is a strong believer in not allowing the negative side of life to block you from recognizing and enjoying the positives. She strongly believes we all need encouragement to be the best versions of ourselves. As she succinctly states, “When you forget who you think you are supposed to be…you can remember who you truly are.”