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Empowering Your Employees: Improving Productivity Through These Tactics



Empowering Your Employees: Improving Productivity Through These Tactics

The job of many founders and managers at companies is figuring out how to make their teams more productive. This is a balancing act as acting like a tyrant and demanding productivity can lead to burnout. The morale of employees is very important as happy employees are more productive. Empowering the employees will allow them to take ownership of their work as well as the successes and failures of particular projects. Automation is something that can take a mundane task that employees used to dread and eliminate it. This will allow teams like that of the marketing team to be able to automatically gather data instead of manually inputting it. Allowing employees to do the jobs that they are paid to do rather than work that can be automated will improve productivity as well as overall energy in the office.


Reducing Meetings If A Project Is On Track

Meetings, for the most part, can be reduced as they can be a waste of time. Most meetings can be handled with a detailed email which will also allow employees to refer back to the email if there were special instructions covered. Employees that are out sick or on vacation will also be able to refer to these instead of getting filled in verbally by an employee that might not have been paying full attention to the meeting. Client calls should not be reduced though as keeping a client in the loop can make them feel valued and make sure the projects delivered are what is desired.


Giving Staff The Tools They Need

The right technological tools can make the jobs of staff much easier and allow them to be more productive. New technology is developed daily so just because there was not an option for a software that helps with scaling schematic electronics projects a few years ago does not mean it does not exist today. Management might not know about these tools as they are too niche so asking to do test trials with tools can provide valuable data a company can decide on. Requesting case studies from these tools or software can also be very important when deciding which offers the best ROI.


Allowing Productive Employees To Work From Home

Working from home can be one of the best perks that a company can offer an employee. Some employees will become more productive when working from home. Eliminating that loud coworker or eliminate the chances of being pulled into a meeting that is irrelevant to an employee can also be beneficial. A coder or web designer would be the perfect example of professionals that can get far more done at home. Getting into the flow when coding can allow a web developer to finish copious amounts of work during their work hours. Even allowing staff to work from home once or twice a week can be a very positive policy in terms of morale. Employees can also easily plan out their weeks as they might like to do certain tasks at home and others in the office.


Allowing Staff To Be On Client Calls To Clarify Expectations

A client/account manager should always be the main point of contact for a client. This does not mean that a designer or content creation expert cannot be involved in the call. Asking specific questions can allow the creative to truly understand the vision of the client. The detail-oriented questions might not occur to a client manager that has little to do with the production of the content. With this all being said, the client should not have the contact information of this person as all communication should be through the client manager. The reasoning behind this is inputting information into the company CRM is essential in creating the best customer experience possible.


Accountability Should Be Stressed And Blaming Others For Failures Needs To Be Eliminated

Empowering staff also means staff taking personal accountability for things that go wrong and those that will be considered failures. Fostering an atmosphere for blaming others instead of admitting to personal shortcomings during a project is very unhealthy. This allows employees to throw others under the bus without having to take any of the blame. Not only does this develop managers that are quick to fire valued employees but it also allows toxic employees to thrive. Toxic employees can ruin productivity but also morale as everyone will be afraid to interact or help out with a project if a certain individual is involved.

Empowering your employees should not be a guessing game as many on your staff understand what they need to be more productive at their job. Taking polls by the department to see whether software, different processes, or any other factor trends throughout a department can provide clarity. An empowered workforce can truly reach optimum productivity levels so it is worth striving to empower employees to the best of the company’s ability.

Barjunaid Cadir is a Content Writer in The Weekly Trends, Web Developer, SEO Content Manager, LinkedIn Specialist, Social Media Manager, and a University Researcher at Anadolu University in Eskisehir, Turkey.