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How Recruiters Can Attract Candidates Through Content




Gone are the days of posting a job ad on and sitting back while you wait for resumes to roll in. While that can be an adequate way of filling job positions, is it really the best way? The modern argument is no, it’s not the best way, and in fact, there are dozens of tips that can help recruiters to do more and be better. Hint: it’s all about content.  Recruiters, listen up because things just got a whole lot more interesting around here.

Why Does Content Matter in Recruiting?

This is a great question because you might still be stuck thinking that being a recruiter is all about sifting through resumes and networking. It might not be as glamorous, but the right content is effective as hell at bolstering your business and reeling in new applicants in a steady stream. With good content, you can:

  • Focus on certain niches of the job-seeking market
  • Get a leg up on competing agencies
  • Become a sought-after resource for job-seekers
  • Increase your number of successful job placements

Back-Up – What Kind of Content Are We Talking About Here?

Content is anything that’s written – from War and Peace to your grocery list, but somewhere in between those extremes lives the types of content that we all read on a regular basis – often without even knowing it. In fact, the easier your content is to digest and more seamlessly it’s integrated into your audience’s life, the better. The hotter your content is, the more they’ll read, the more likely they are to convert into business for your recruiting agency.

We’re talking blog posts, newsletters, web copy, email marketing copy, video, infographics, social media content, and more.

How Content Can Help Recruiters Attract More (and Better), Candidates

Narrowing Your Niche

Whether you’re a recruiter who specializes in a certain niche industry or is a generalist who fills positions across multiple sectors, everyone can agree that each job opening requires the right fit.

If you’re looking to attract skilled tradespeople to a technical job, you might choose different content, and a different tone, that you would if you were appealing to Millennials looking to get into entry-level finance jobs.

A piece of content, let’s say it’s a series of blog posts on your website, can speak to whichever group of people you want it to.

All you need to do is clearly define who your audience is before you start producing any content. That way you know that any effort you put into writing those blog posts is being directed to the right segment of the job-seeking marketplace.

Action: Before blogging, create an outline and ask yourself if you’re addressing your audience.

Showcasing Connections

We all know that getting a job is often all about who you know. As a recruiter, you’re constantly working to network and increase your number of connections. After all, you never know who will become your next client or your next perfect candidate.

There are a couple of ways that content like social media can help show off how popular you are. First, there’s the follower factor. The higher those numbers are, the more impressive you look. Why? Because people on social media will unfollow you in a hot second if you’re boring, annoying, uninformative, or inauthentic. The more followers a recruiter has, the better they look in the eyes of a potential candidate or client.

Speaking of being boring, annoying, uninformative, and inauthentic, this is where the second prong of the social media content comes into play when looking to attract candidates. Stop seeing social media as a way to blast out job postings and start seeing Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Facebook as channels that you can use to flex your recruiting muscle.

In other words, let it be a platform to talk about current events, share interview tips, post photos of your firm at a recent industry conference, or talk about a hot new industry.

Action: Social media content can be a powerful tool for showing off your following and attracting newcomers to that group with engaging posts.

Boosting Your Rankings

You can be the most badass recruiter on the block, but if no one can find you, then you’ll be hard-pressed to get the clients and candidates you want to attract. If you’re falling into the depths of page 19 of Google – you need a content makeover and you need it fast.

Content like web copy is a great vehicle for packing a one-two punch. To start with, it serves a functional purpose of telling people about your business, what you do, what your listings are, and so on. Secondly, it holds great power for SEO purposes.

An oil and gas industry recruiting firm in Texas will probably need a web copy that’s quite different from a small boutique group of recruiting generalists in Manhattan will.

Your web copy is a chance to show Google, and its users, how your business stands out. This means not letting a single word go to waste and using carefully researched keywords that touch on your location or area of expertise and naturally weaving them throughout each page of your site. This lets searchers discover you and helps your rankings rise above those who aren’t optimizing their web content.  

Action: Write (or rewrite) your web content with a careful eye on every opportunity you can find to implement keyword and SEO strategies to boost your rankings. Hire outside help for the tech stuff if you want, but don’t let this important type of content fall by the wayside.

Establishing Authority & Trust

Let’s face it: looking for a job sucks. Maybe a person has been unemployed for a while or maybe they’re a little lean on experience – generally speaking, this is a time where people are at their most vulnerable and you want to respect that and treat them with care. This is where it pays to create content that shows off your authority and positions your firm as a group of trusted advisors on this harrowing job-seeking journey.

There are lots of ways you can use content to establish this type of credibility, but one especially effective way is to give readers something for free, just because you care.

For example, consider writing an eBook designed for job-seekers. Address their pain points and give them clear and actionable tips for searching postings, writing their resume, and mastering their interviews.

By the end of the book, you’ve demonstrated all the recruiting knowledge that you have, and you’ve positioned yourself as a friend and confidant to people who are looking for a job. All of this was achieved without a sales pitch telling people why they should work with you.

Action: You’re smart. You know stuff. Now share! Write content and give it away to anyone who wants to learn or is looking for a little expertise while they’re looking for a job. This type of content goes a long way in setting your firm up as an industry leader and someone who candidates are eager to work with.

The different types of content are plentiful and so are the ways it can impact your recruiting business. If you get strategic with it, you can take your simple web copy or run-of-the-mill company blog and turn it into something worth talking about. It won’t happen overnight, but with the right plan in place and dedication to producing the best quality content you can, you’ll stand above your competitors who are overlooking this very important aspect of marketing.

Jeanine Gordon has written extensively on content strategy and marketing. In addition to working as a full-time editor and writer at, Jeanine provides content strategy to clients across every sector, specializing in the HR and Recruiting industry. When not crafting brilliant content, Jeanine is at home in Vancouver, BC, spending time with her husband and two kids.