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How To Make The Confident “You” Become A Reality



How To Make The Confident "You" Become A Reality

Confidence is the one attitude that will help you get through in times of success and failure. Some people are born and nurtured with it, while others need to develop it. Depending on how you react, circumstances can bring out the confidence in you as well. So what are ways about how to increase your self-confidence – personally, in school, at work and in any of your undertakings? Here are 6 tips pertaining to it.

Tips About How To Increase Your Self-Confidence

Think to yourself this question: “What is the worst thing that can happen” when you embark on an undertaking.

Are you going to take a major exam, such as the ACT, the SAT or the GED? Contending with this endeavor needs you to be sufficiently prepared- and so test prep you must. As long as you have studied amply for your test, ask yourself what the worst outcome might be and envision to take it on prudently. In the first place, you shouldn’t put significant attention to what might go wrong. Remember Murphy’s law: “Anything that can go wrong probably will”. Therefore think positively when tackling your feats. Believe that you have the situation under control, or you could otherwise ask for help.


Are you doing something for the first time? To excel in it, think that you have done it before.

Again, this is where positive thinking applies. If you happen to be taking a major exam, you can literally pull it through by taking practice tests. It’s like a dress rehearsal where you ensure that everything fits and will work splendidly. Online, you can take or download ACT, SAT or GED practice tests and you can incorporate them in your test prep program. Do some visualization exercises when you take your exam by closing your eyes and vividly imagining yourself doing outstandingly. Involve all your 5 senses when you visualize. Studies have shown that the mind cannot distinguish the difference between vividly imagining something and whatever is real, so this could be effective.


Find a role model and copy them.

Is there someone whom you admire because of their mastery and confidence in your preferred field? You can model this particular individual by mimicking their values, attitudes, behaviors, and beliefs. Be in their company and talk to them if you can access them. If you can’t, try to get as much exposure as you can with that person.  Talk to the people who talk to or work with your object of admiration. Their confidence can brush up on you.


Act “as-if” you are confident.

It’s like the game of make-believe that induces your mind to turn into reality. How would you act if you were confident? How would you move or speak as a self-assured speaker or performer? Answering these questions will bring about the reality that you want. Then you’ll be acting as if you were confident until you wouldn’t be able to know the difference between acting and being actually the person that you want to be.


Place your thoughts in the future and ask what if you’re faced with a life-changing situation.

It may sound morbid but think of yourself as being in your deathbed many decades from now. If you look back on your life, would the present circumstance that befalls you even matter? Keep things in perspective. This way, your fears will be diminished.


Banish the pesky little negative voice within.

You have to disarm that nagging internal voice that breeds negativity in your mind. Alter how it affects you by transforming it into a Mickey Mouse or clown voice that you will not take seriously. Diffuse it from being something that scares you and into something frivolous. Then it will no longer have a big impact on your thoughts and feelings.

Whatever endeavor you are about to hurdle, think that “You got this”. These 6 tips about how to increase your self-confidence can be effective if you foremost believe that you can do it whatever the odds may be.


Winnie Custodio has been a publicist and writer for over 10 years. She has broad experience in online and personal mentoring. Working with Test Prep Toolkit, an online GED, ACT, and SAT study guide has been one of her most fulfilling careers where she and her fellow TPT staff work together as a power team in helping thousands of test-takers pass their exams. With such an outstanding achievement, Test Prep Toolkit has become one of the top test prep websites on the Internet today.