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How To Tolerate Negative Emotions To Beat Procrastination



How To Tolerate Negative Emotions To Beat Procrastination

Why do people put off doing some tasks? The habit of procrastination is a menace that wreaks havoc on the productivity of many companies and businesses. Even on a personal level, deliberately delaying accomplishing one’s undertaking (negatively) affects their lives in various ways. What goes behind the tendency to procrastinate? It can be due to several reasons. A common and basic cause is laziness or disliking the task that has to be done with. Lack of confidence and failure are predominant precursors of procrastination as well. What are ways to beat procrastination?


Redirect yourself to get back on track.

Do a little exercise whenever you are tempted to postpone your task. When this happens, note down the endeavor that you want to avoid along with the justification as to why you don’t want to do it at the moment. This will give you a clearer picture of your attitude. Taking a good look at your record, you can then apply strategies to find your direction. Keep focused on doing the task at hand and remind yourself of what your rewards will be if you were able to pull it off. Consider the thought that knowing your direction will have you ending up to your happy place.


Keep your focus.

Coming face to face with a scattered pile of tasks tends to undermine your focus. Consequently, you might have the urge to avoid doing them. For instance, are you overwhelmed with your study obligations for a coming exam? You might have tons of books to read or a barrage of pages to get over with on your online study guide. In this case, you can try breaking down your goals into specific items. Schedule your study sessions for 15 minutes after an hour of rest or doing something you like. Take offline or online practice tests for the first session, then read your book on the next. In between, you can exercise or have a convo with your friend on the phone. Research has cited that the brain has a better capacity to absorb information when it is relaxed.


Let go of your self-limiting beliefs.

Whenever you delay doing a task, the more it becomes monumental. What self-limiting beliefs get in the way of your motivation to do something? Is it because you feel that you are not capable of doing it? Or because you fear to fail? The key to these is for you to face your fears. Appease your anxiety by doing a visualization exercise. Imagine completing your task successfully and feeling absolutely fantastic. Concentrate on your coming rewards such as getting a high score and going to college, or receiving a big compensation. Nonetheless, you have to be realistic at the same time. Think of what the worst-case scenario would be if you fail. And that if it does take place, conceive of a plan to have you get back on your feet. This is apt to make you recover quickly and resume to doing your normal activities.


Learn how to tolerate negative emotions.

Feeling afraid of or uncertain about something causes stress and anxiety. It’s normal. But then again, feelings as they are, they are inclined to be subjective. There may be no specific danger contrary to what your feelings otherwise anticipate. What’s the antidote to this? Commence on doing your task and you will eventually realize that your fears aren’t real. You’ll begin to gain confidence in your skills until you finally have your task completed. It is crucial that you learn to overcome your initial feelings of fear, stress, and anxiety so that you can move on to a phase of confidence and control.


Take control of yourself.

You have to step out of your comfort zone to be able to achieve success. The habit of procrastination is actually a sense of complacency. The first step to conquering procrastination is to stop complaining about your task. Anything worthwhile is oftentimes not easy and complaining will only evade your will to be successful. Keep yourself motivated by focusing your thoughts about the astounding rewards that you will get once you accomplish your deed.

When your task seems overwhelming, don’t avoid doing it. Take the first step and do it one step at a time. Before you know it, you’ve already gained your momentum and might even begin to like what you’re doing. Then shall you surmount it and actually feel good about yourself. These 5 tips are indeed easy ways to beat procrastination.



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