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Is It Time To Let That High Potential Employee Go?



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Whenever a high potential, talented employee is spotted by a manager, it is normal for a path to greatness to be forecasted for that person; but in the real world, other factors can change the high ambitions after a while. There are leaders who hope the employee will improve but the keep on wasting the company’s time and resources, when they could have found a replacement and increased their income instead.

Let’s look at the best practices you can use when you need to terminate an employee.

Even though employees have high potential they will make mistakes, it becomes obvious that it is time for them to go when they don’t learn from their mistakes there is a problem.

Won’t, not, can’t are three little words a leader said he used as his best rule of thumb to terminate, there are small words that mean a lot in the workplace. We all have shortcomings and need to learn something new every day; employees can be given a chance to improve their skills when they accept their faults and have a desire to change. Whenever they desire to change does not exist it is time for them to go.

When an employee does not make any effort to learn, it is time for managers to realize that even high potential employees can decide that they don’t want to climb the ladder of success.

It is good for managers to use some situations to determine whether an employee is willing to increase their skillset and move up to the next level or not. To find out the true potential of an employee-manager will need to give them deadlines and tell them what they stand to lose when deadlines are not met. This will allow managers to see if the employee will be able to perform after they have been given a higher position in the company or they are not interested in moving up, they just want to stay at the same level.

Some high potential employees develop a sense of entitlement over time, and they don’t know how to handle negative feedback about their performance when they make mistakes and need to change the way they do things. They might not know how to be a team player; their attitude could make it impossible for them to get along with others as well. Constant disagreements in a workplace can reduce productivity, so employees who don’t know how to get along with others can reduce the company’s ability to earn. Managers need to replace employees who are always the ones who find it hard to get along with others. Humility and a love for peace and harmony are needed, for productivity to increase and every employee should be thinking about these things.

When a high potential employee thinks they will never need assistance with any task even when they don’t know what to do, they don’t want to ask for help. This can lead to big problems for a company, the quality of their products might decline, and this cannot be allowed.

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