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Muhammad Aqib – An Entrepreneur and Founder of Ahead Host



Muhammad Aqib

The digital world has opened many doors and offered young people endless opportunities to build a career. Although the road to success is not always easy, Muhammad Aqib, a young entrepreneur and the founder of web hosting company Ahead Host, has managed to build not one, but several extremely successful businesses.


He started working online at just the age of 14 and became a Fiverr top seller at 16. Regardless, he was always ambitious and had aspirations to grow and expand his business as soon as he could. At only 19 years old, he started his own company and later managed to branch out and succeed in three other niches as well.


His Journey

However, the journey to success was far from easy. Muhammad started his first company with a few other people in Pakistan and although it was a very brave move, it was extremely difficult since there was no moral support and what is worse, no investors. Between 2014 and 2017 his company went into debt several times, eventually leading everyone else to leave. Aqib struggled to keep the business operational and even borrowed money from friends to keep it afloat. Finally, in 2017, he managed to return all of his debt, pay everyone back, and start making a small profit.


Finding Success

Once his company started earning money, he moved its operations to the US, renaming it to Ahead Host LLC. At the age of 20, he managed to develop a $50 thousand business in just one year and had turned it into a multinational company as well. Besides Ahead Host, he now runs Ahead Link Building which is a digital marketing company and Unknown Entertainment House – a production house for the local community.

According to Muhammad, he was motivated to start a business at such a young age due to his circumstances but also because he enjoys making a long and hard journey to find success. Being so young, he was rejected numerous times and although he felt down, he got back up, stayed focused, motivated, and never stopped believing in himself. In the end, it paid off and know he hopes to inspire the youth with his experience.

This is why he launched the Techno Summit held in Hyderabad, an event organized to educate, motivate, and connect Pakistani youth who are venturing into the IT industry.


His Advice to Young Entrepreneurs

– Never put all apples in one basket, because one spoiled apple will spoil all the others too.

– Never over-commit to impress a client, but rather commit less so you can go beyond customer’s expectations and gain their loyalty.

– Listen to other people’s opinions and advice. If doubtful, make a list and gather facts before making a final decision.

– Continuously grow your network and always stay connected with like-minded people.

– Always believe that there is a solution to every problem. Find it, overcome it, and it will bring you huge profits in any industry.

– Be patient, stay on trend, and master the skill of time management.



Muhammad believes that it is important to be real and honest with everyone and that good deeds bring you benefits. He does not view money and fame as a success but rather treasures happiness above all else. This is why he hopes to continue inspiring young people with his story, as well as help them through his Techno Summit.

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