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Operation Love Ministries Inc. Is Making the World a Better Place One Act of Kindness at a Time



“Be kind whenever possible. It is always possible.” —The 14th Dalai Lama. In today’s world, where hurt, poverty, and hunger are rampant and can be seen everywhere, even the smallest act of kindness can go a long way. 

Day in and day out, Rev. Pastor Connie Cobb witnesses hurt and hunger-stricken people all over her community. Heart broke with the hardship and loneliness that she saw, Pastor. Cobb decided to put up an organization to help those in need. Thus Operation Love Ministries Inc. was conceptualized and established. 

Operation Love Ministries Inc. is a faith-based non-government organization based in North Hollywood. OLM believes in the intrinsic value of all people, and their services are delivered with love, respect, and dignity. OLM provides help for today and hopes for tomorrow through various programs and services that aim to meet critical and urgent everyday needs — from food and clothing to prescription medications. Whether you are on the streets of Skid Row, in the slums of Kibera, in the heart of Port au Prince Haiti, in the mountains of Costa Rica, in the Muslim City of Tangiers, OLM is going to give you hope and unconditional love. 

OLM has become an avenue for the collective of Churches to fulfill its mission to serve the lost, weak, vulnerable, and the hurting members of the community.  

OLM has a wide array of programs and services to address the community’s needs such as community-based feedings, giveaways at Christmas, and Easter, and distribution of medical and school supplies, OLM addresses the holistic need of the vulnerable, hurting, and hungry meeting reaching out to them wherever they are. The organization also holds fundraising events such as Gospel Hip Hop Concerts in order to provide monetary and financial aid to needy Churches and orphanages. 

Currently, the organization is delivering bags of groceries and hot home-cooked Sunday dinner to those most vulnerable in our community living in tents and under bridges.

OLM conducts around 7 to 10 events a year, including a global summer outreach. During this outreach, the organization brings suitcases of toys and school supplies, new clothes, and money to street children, families, and needy churches. They also host a party to feed the children and give them a little bit of enjoyment.

For the past 17 years, OLM has been sharing the love of Jesus through words of encouragement and acts of kindness locally and all over the world. Aside from its North Hollywood headquarters, OLM also has a community center in South Central. The ministry also provides service to Skid Row and the Greater San Fernando Valley, globally they have reached Morocco, Kenya, Haiti, Jamaica, Panama, and Costa Rica. 

For Operation Love Ministries Inc., their heart is set to provide services to those who are perceived to be the least, the last and the lost, to seek justice, love, mercy, and walk humbly with God to make a better world.

For volunteers and donors, you may reach Operational Love Ministries Inc., through their website.

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