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Renowned Artist Kathrin Danzmayr Takes Up Poetry



It has been quite a while since the prominent German opera singer Kathrin Danzmayr made headlines for her stellar performances under Opera Columbus, shortly after moving to the United States with her family. With her awed and dedicated following, many wonder what the talented artist has been up to lately. 

Aside from launching her celebrated series of performing arts programs, SchubertTALK, the answer to their query would be poetry. 

A patron of the arts and a renowned artist herself, Kathrin Danzmayr has recently been putting pen to paper and molding a lyrical world. Her newfound love for poetry has inspired Kathrin to develop her craft in the industry and release it on 

Among her many muses for her work is her priceless experience with SchubertTALK. An ode to the final decade of world-class Austrian composer Franz Schubert, the programs celebrate Schubert’s life and impact in the music world.

In a 2019 interview with the media outlet Dispatch, Kathrin shared, “I’m in love with this whole project because it excites me every day. You just meet these great people.”

Truly reminiscent of the days of old, the first SchubertTALK performance, staged at the Columbus Performing Art Center, echoed the ambiance of the musician’s final years. Franz Schubert loved to invite close friends and fellow art patrons to his home and enjoyed these meetings between like-minded individuals.

“They were all having little meetings and had some good food and drinks,” Kathrin said of the termed “Schubertiades” in the same interview. 

Carrying a similar atmosphere and smoothly wafting it to coat the packed and expansive venue, the series launch was a veritable success. Of course, with Kathrin Danzmayr leading it, nobody expected it to be anything else.

Now, thriving under the pandemic and standing at the helm of the heart-warming dedication to Schubert, Kathrin jumped into exciting and new ventures. Outside of working on an upcoming poetry booklet and an online poetry slam/workshop/interview event at the end of May, Kathrin Danzmayr is slowly immersing herself in the competitive sports industry.

The multi-talented artist is nearly finished with her Breathing for Warriors course, learning under Dr. Belisa Vranich in New York. Kathrin’s acquired lessons are to assist athletes with breathing exercises.

“Vocal coaching is one of my passions, although at the moment, online due to the pandemic,” she says. “Plus, I can meet people all over the world.” 

With her infectious and optimistic personality, the rising coach and crowd-favorite soprano is becoming an indispensable figure in the sports scene, echoing her reputation in the music and performance industry. 

While forging forward, diving into new ventures, and continuously improving her craft as a poet, a performer, and a wellness coach, Kathrin Danzmayr is hinting at tacking on a new title: entrepreneur. On these plans, the multi-faceted artist reveals, “Hopefully, my children and myself will move to a cool, big city in the summer, and I can find my dream building for my ‘Business StreetLife.’”

Learn more about the hard-working Kathrin Danzmayr. Stay updated on her insightful poetry booklet’s release and future ventures on Instagram and check out SchubertTALK’s official website

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