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SoundMind: A Promising Mental Health Startup on the Rise



Although the commercial space is saturated with established brands and prominent companies, other ventures are still able to create significant waves because of the causes they fight for and the advocacies they believe in. In the case of SoundMind, an emerging platform in the mental health space, it is shown how much of an impact the efforts of young visionaries can make on the world. 

Since its inception, SoundMind has always been regarded as being a journey deeply rooted in passion and purpose. Through the vision of its revolutionary founders,  LGBTQ+ activist Brian Femminella, AAPI activist Travis Chen, and CTO Jack Zimmer, this up-and-coming platform serves as the much-needed voice for those who are feeling unheard and unseen. 

In an interview, Brian and Travis shared that the company began to unfold when both of them joined forces at the nation’s capital. At that time, they were in the Congressional Dining Hall and started brainstorming ideas about how they could make a groundbreaking change in their communities. 

Immensely fueled by the desire to create a significant impact on society, both luminaries were able to create a team consisting of leaders in the  BIPOC, LGBTQ+, military, and female entrepreneurial communities, from across the nation. As a matter of fact, all members of the said sectors are driven to share stories of their advocacies for mental health within their respective groups. 

As a way of reaching out to those in need of a helping hand and a listening ear, co-founders Brian Femminella, Travis Chen, and Jack Zimmer use their firsthand encounters with mental health struggles as a driving influence behind their will to succeed as a brand. 

To ensure that user and data privacy is secured, Jack Zimmer plays a critical role in making technology as safe as possible in the cybersecurity sector of the company. Moreover, Jonathan Joei, the head of marketing, has extensively witnessed the effects of clinical depression, anxiety, and self-harm and has used this personal experience to motivate his drive towards sharing the story behind the mission of SoundMind. On the other hand, Saniya Soni, the chief of research, is behind furthering the company’s powerful past and has recently shared her experiences with suicide as an outspoken survivor on the MTV documentary called “Each & Everyday.”

As can be gleaned from their genuine efforts and sincere commitment, the group of young advocates behind SoundMind wishes to shed light on the unspoken truths of mental illness. Through this platform, they are able to reach out to those who are struggling just as they did. Since they know how hard it can be to deal with mental health issues alone, they have committed themselves to be channels of compassion, kindness, and empathy. 

With the mission of advocacy in their hearts, SoundMind’s team has already embodied the values of the company through their own stories. Because of these personal insights, they are able to shape the brand by incorporating the valuable lessons and realizations they have accumulated in the past. “SoundMind is more than an app. It’s a community being driven by those willing to speak on the issues that many shy away from,” CTO Jack Zimmer shared. 

In the coming years, SoundMind envisions itself dominating and revolutionizing the mental health market space as it continues to focus on community-building within the application. As society becomes more receptive to mental health resources and tools, the group aims to focus on creating an avenue with pillars built around the SoundMind brand—a community that emphasizes the importance of mental health, music therapy, and harmonious life. 

Indeed, SoundMind’s driven and innovative team is already at the forefront of social impact startups, particularly among mental health startups. This group has already begun beta testing their application with COVID-19 frontline heroes, including nurses, doctors, and EMTs. 

As testing begins, the SoundMind team continues to develop the app as they prepare for a full-scale lunch at the end of the summer. As they move forward with tech and research development, they have been expanding partnerships on the West Coast to strengthen the community that they have already created. This team is proving itself to be unstoppable.

Learn more about SoundMind by visiting its website or following its account on Instagram

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