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Strategies to Boost Positivity in the Workplace



Strategies to Boost Positivity in the Workplace

When the workday ends, your company’s most valuable asset leaves the workplace––the employee. The job of the business owner is to make them want to come back the next day. The morale of the employee determines if they return, perform their best, and help your business thrive. Employees who enjoy their jobs and enjoy their work environment are more productive and represent your company with pride. Your customers will take notice when your employees feel good about working for your company.

Before we figure out how to boost their positivity, we need to understand what subtracts from high morale. Low morale can come from a variety of places. A workplace where employees lack support, encouragement, or teamwork creates unhappy workers. Management plays a huge role. They create the weather in which their employees must work, so a lack of good leadership can create a “storm” within your workplace culture. Low morale can also stem from feeling underappreciated or that their work is insignificant. An employee who is overworked stressed out, or in over their head can feel frustrated and be unhappy with coming into work every day. An unhappy employee is less productive, but the worst part is the unhappiness can be contagious and infect the whole business. Your customers will notice that too.

Building a positive environment in your business takes some effort and time but most strategies are simple and the investment pays you back several times over. Here are some strategies to boost positivity in the workplace and make our employees want to be productive, contributing members of your business.


Establish a Positive Company Culture

Workplace culture should be positive, cohesive, and growth-oriented. Be intentional in setting the vision for the culture of your business where your employees can grow and thrive. Business owners should establish what that company culture is and select employees who fit into it. A positive work environment is contagious, and employees can thrive when they feel part of something bigger than themselves.


Make Everyone Feel Appreciated

Everyone likes to be recognized for their contributions, and the recognition doesn’t have to be monetary or at least not a large amount. A handwritten card or note saying “Thank you for the effort,” or their name mentioned in a company memo, or a small gift card goes a long way in making employees feel like their work matters. Be sure to spread the love and give everyone in the workplace a periodic shout out.


Train Good Leaders

Employees who feel growth at a personal level have better job satisfaction. Growth in leadership skills not only makes them better employees but better problem solvers, better team players, and it improves their productivity. Businesses that invest in leadership development for employees can grow faster, produce more, and boost their professional reputation. Employees can learn to improve their problem-solving skills, self-confidence, and how to support a good workplace culture.


Promote the Employee’s Health

Health and wellness play a big role in an employee’s morale. The most detrimental factor for employee health is stress in the workplace. Stress weakens the immune system, increases blood pressure, and dampens a person’s mood. To bust workplace stress, encourage employees to take periodic breaks so that their brains can recharge for better productivity. You can also reduce employee stress by finding resources and tools that can make the employee’s job easier. Proper nutrition is also key in managing stress and the worker’s overall health. Encourage, or even provide, healthy food in the office by keeping the break room stocked with granola bars or pre-packaged carrots or apple slices and bottled water in the refrigerator. Keep hand sanitizer and disinfectant wipes readily available. Sleep and family time are also important, so don’t let employees work late if they don’t have to.


Bring Positive Thinking to the Office

Good business owners lead by example. A culture of positivity begins with the owner. A display of inspiration, reassurance, and just posing a simple smile when interacting with workers will rub off on them and spread through the workplace. Idea sharing among workers, especially for product and service improvements, allows employees to feel significant and that will boost their confidence along with productivity. Screen applicants for positivity during the hiring process. Asking to describe past instances of dealing with stressful situations, working with difficult coworkers, and also asking about their goals and outlook for the future can reveal a lot about their positive traits.


Relocate the Bad Apples

You know what they say about one bad apple––one can ruin the whole bunch. If there is an employee that is souring the positive workplace culture, you’ll need to fix it before your best assets walk out and don’t come back. One bad employee can make others dread coming in to work or hinder their productivity. When hiring, screen for a person who fits the culture you establish and will work well with others. If they are already in your company, you may need to reassign the worker to somewhere they will be happier or “weed the garden” by parting ways so the rest of your employees can have an environment to flourish without disruption.

These strategies are small and cost almost nothing but the return benefits to your business become immeasurable. You’ll see your productivity go up and your turnover goes down. Customers will notice how positive your workers are. And best of all, your people will be happier, healthier, and take pride in the company.

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Entrepreneur, speaker, and author of Bazooka Proof: Create a Foundation of Fulfillment So Your Happiness Can Thrive, Brian Highfield inspires others how to live their own life of fulfillment. After retiring from a successful career as a global communications leader in his forties, Highfield founded multimillion-dollar businesses in the sports and healthcare arenas. Now, in addition to speaking regularly at seminars, he shares principles on the topics of happiness, health, finances, and personal growth on his website,

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