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Two-Parties Have Got To Go–Overthrow the Status Quo



Independent Presidential Candidate, Joe McHugh, Leads with Liberty

A 2019 NBC/WSJ poll showed that over 70% of America is fed up with the two-party system and ready for a change. With the Democratic and Republican parties having settled on presumptive nominees, it’s clear that once again we are given a choice of the lesser of two evils.

Joe McHugh believes that we shouldn’t have to pick and choose on liberty. Liberty is a natural God-given right derived from the “Laws of Nature and of Nature’s God,” according to our Declaration of Independence, and inextricably linked to our self-love, love for each other, and love for nature.

Instead of fulfilling the promise of our Constitution and Declaration of Independence, our two-party political system is set up to entrap and erode our natural rights, and to cede power from the individual to government over time. That we have a two-party system in America is “evidence that the system has failed us. One cannot be both American and a partisan; it’s an either or proposition,” says candidate Joe McHugh.

Joe McHugh, a veteran Marine Corps Officer and entrepreneur with a background in finance and economics, is honoring his oath to support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies foreign and domestic. In particular, McHugh believes that America is under assault from within, held hostage by the foreign-controlled Federal Reserve Bank and our unaccountable intelligence agencies.

“To free ourselves from the entrapment,” McHugh says, “we must shine the light of transparency into the darkness.”

The evidence of our entrapment is all around us. They have established secret FISA (Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act) courts and stacked the public courts with justices who are so extreme that they could not garner a two-thirds Senate majority confirmation vote in line with century-old precedent. These judges helped the Fed-controlled corporations to hijack our election system, and now the same corporations censor our speech. They passed laws that are unconstitutionally complex and confusing, setting aside the century-old Void for Vagueness standard for constitutional law—a standard that requires that laws be clear, objective and easily understood by the average American. The air we breathe causes asthma, our water is full of lead and cancer-causing chemicals, our food makes us fat and sick. We build walls instead of bridges, separate parents from children at the border, send troops to fight for oil and opium instead of liberty, and then we cover it all up with fake news.

This is not liberty—and it’s not American either.

Liberty is love and love is liberty. Liberty is clean air, fresh water, healthy organic food, and a Constitution that is applied evenly to all people, at all times, by default, and without exception. Liberty is respect for ourselves and for each other. Liberty is freedom from a “vicious currency,” as Lincoln said, freedom from the Federal Reserve. Liberty is money that maintains value over time, affordable housing, a fair wage, honest work, and the knowledge that government is truly by, for, and of the people.

Joe McHugh has a three-part plan to restore liberty in America.

  1. Replace the Federal Reserve Bank with the Credit Union of the United States.

By ending the Fed and going green instead, our clean, green, citizen-owned and fully transparent credit union will help us to get off of oil, out of oil wars, to invest in renewables and organics, and to share the profits with the people instead of the bankers.

  1. End the War on Drugs, repeal victimless crimes, and hold government accountable.

Legalize cannabis and decriminalize all drugs to get people out of prison, off the pills, off the streets, and back to work. End qualified immunity and civil asset forfeiture laws to reign in out-of-control government and police.

  1. Pass a Void for Vagueness Amendment.

Require all laws be clear, objective and easily understood in accordance with the 1926 Supreme Court Void for Vagueness Doctrine or be marked as unconstitutionally confusing and complex. Require government to declassify and open-source operations to ensure that government is by, for, and of the people—as it was intended to be.

With a credit union instead of a bank, an end to the wars on drugs and terror, an end to victimless crimes, and a Void for Vagueness Amendment that requires easily understood laws and open-source government, the American people will gain a level of transparency and accountability into and over government that we have not had in over a century. Our politicians will no longer be in the pockets of the bankers and intelligence community, and our money will support social and environmental objectives rather than war for oil and opium.

It’s time to free ourselves from the two-party entrapment, and restore liberty in America once and for all.

Liberty is clean air, fresh water, healthy food, and a Constitution that is applied evenly to all people.

Let’s make good on our word.

About the Candidate: Joe McHugh is a Marine Corps veteran, entrepreneur, and author with a background in finance and economics. His book, Hijacking America: Liberty Strikes Back, is forthcoming. He has earned a BA of International Relations and Political Economics from Michigan State University and an MBA from Babson College. Joe believes that whoever has the money makes the rules, and that to restore liberty in America, we must regain control of the Federal Reserve Bank and declassify government.

For more information or to get involved in the campaign, email, visit his book site at or his campaign site at

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This is a paid article by Joe McHugh for President, 9432 St Andrews Dr., Grand Blanc, MI 48439.

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