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Vision and Achieving



Vision and Achieving
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Your vision and the viability it has in your life is important; you will need to see clearly and get to understand what you want to achieve before you start moving towards it. A person without a vision can be easily led by others who are selfish, and they will quickly lose sight of the things that will make their own lives better, as they become a part of another person’s visions, even them to achieve their goals. It is not good to get to midlife and realize that you have wasted your time chasing the dreams of others and you don’t even know what you want to achieve.

Learning to say no to some persons can help you to focus on your own goals so you can find ways to reach them. There will be times when friends will be upset with you, but you’ll need to keep a commitment to yourself. Making business plans and going after opportunities as you try to build a business is not something that is designed for the faint of heart. It is for those who will rise when they fall, dust themselves off and start moving again, those who will crawl on their hands and knees when they can’t walk.

Knowing why you want to achieve is essential, as it is easy to lose focus when the going gets tough. Your reason for setting your goal will make your commitment stronger, and this will keep you motivated and determined.

The Japanese word Ikigai is pronounced like this (ee-key-guy) it is all about a structured approach to why you get out of bed and gives your life meaning. It is about your talents and your desire to make the world a better place. Persons who are not able to stay focused on their talents and dreams will easily give up when challenges come their way. They will always be starting over, and they won’t be achieving anything much in life.

Envy and doubt will cause you to lose focus, and you won’t be going anywhere. However whenever you stay focused on achieving your goals and work towards them every day. You should walk and enjoy nature, as a clear mind will generate great ideas and these will help you to move ahead faster, as you continue on the path that leads to your goal. It is also good for you to understand that there is no one way to use ikigai to reach your goal. We all have different talents and dreams, and we will find success in many different ways.

It is important to acknowledge that having a plan, staying motivated, hardworking and focused are keys that you’ll need to unlock some doors when you are going somewhere in life. Those who merely follow the crowd and go with the flow are the ones who get left behind after a while. Without a vision it becomes easy for persons to drift through life, not achieving anything much.

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