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Which Types of Leadership Your Workplace Needs?



Which Types of Leadership Your Workplace Needs?

Leadership – It is a ten-letter word that is not only a quality or skill but the soul of an influential personality who sets an example through his/her actions. In today’s innovative, information-driven, and techno-friendly work environment, every employee is expected to exhibit leadership at the workplace.

Being a leader not only means leading a team, group, department or an organization, but it also involves motivating and inspiring other employees to reach their full potential and work towards strengthening the business organization and nurturing profits. Good leadership skills include vision, mission, values, commitment, and motivation.

Even after having spent a remarkable amount of time, effort, and money devoted to the study of leadership, we still have little agreement about what exactly leadership is. Although everyone defines leadership in separate ways, based on their knowledge and experience, they all can feel its presence when they see it. Many of us are led to believe that great leaders are born that way; however, there’s no proof that an average person cannot acquire the traits of a great leader through practice and dedication.

Here are a few types of leaders every workplace needs:

The Servant Leader

A servant leader always emphasizes on creating a collaborative work environment, where the decisions are made in a group. In this leadership style, strict hierarchies are not followed, and there are immense possibilities for everyone to learn and grow. A servant leader also empowers team members to take ownership of both success and failure. The servant-leader style is often considered opposite to the traditional way of leading, where a leader craves for both control and command. Ratan Tata is the best example of a servant leader. He guided his people to achieve the goals of the organization, along with taking care of their personal and professional efficiency.

The Mentor Coach

A mentor coach is someone who focuses on enriching personal as well as professional growth by sharing important and insightful data, feedback, knowledge, and experience. This leadership in the workplace is based on a commitment, where the leaders act as mentors and invest in coaching their employees. This not only helps them to learn new skills but also empowers them to achieve their goals in personal and professional life. Warren Buffett is not only one of the greatest investors of his time but has also helped many of his organizations’ executives become effective leaders through his coaching.

The Transformational Leader

A transformational leader empowers employees to enhance their creative skills by inspiring and motivating them. It is through accountability and delegation that this leadership style teaches the employees to be more creative and learn how to assert ownership and independence. Following the same, they can learn to find new solutions to old problems in this competitive market. Jeff Bezos, the CEO of Amazon, tells his people “if you’re going to do anything new or innovative, you have to be willing to be misunderstood,”

The Team Partner

A team partner always works hard to build a strong team that, initially, works flawlessly at the individual level, and when combined as a team, creates miracles. This leadership style is based on the idea of building cohesive team dynamics, where the leaders must learn the individual skills of every employee. And later, when combined in a group, every employee can contribute their best skills to achieve a goal. Walt Disney and his “Nine Old Men” is considered one of the greatest teams in business history. Their vision and determination helped them create memorable characters in cartoon history.

The Bold Visionary

A person with bold and visionary leadership skills at the workplace focuses on ingenuity, ideation, and the power to mobilize a team towards change. All effective leaders in the workplace always push other employees to be confident, take smart decisions, and work towards the overall growth. The bold visionary leader also sets targets and goals for all to accomplish, each contributing to the organization’s growth. Steve Jobs, a visionary leader who revolutionized the world with his innovations, always used to encourage his people to think outside of the box.

Your organization needs a combination of these leadership styles to grow and outpace your competitors. Every team or organization needs an effective leader for success. Leaders should ask themselves whether they are effective leaders for their organization.

Amit Prasad is the founder and managing director of SatNav Technologies and has business interests in a wide range of IT products. SatNav Technologies is an IT products company focusing on cloud-based map data products and a pioneer in GPS, FMS & LBS Technologies. The product suite includes SatTracx in-the-field location-based solutions and A-mantra in-the-office facilities management solutions. QuickFMS from a-mantra is a cloud based facilities management software that enhances an organization’s efficiency.