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9 Pre-marriage Questions You Must Ask To Avoid Divorce



9 Pre-marriage Questions You Must Ask To Avoid Divorce

Most people who are thinking of getting married have a fear at the back of their minds whether the relationship will work or not. Instead of worrying, there are some questions which they must ask to avoid divorce. A Floridian is searching for the top divorce lawyer in Port Saint Lucie after just three months of his marriage. When asked the reason for such an early separation, he said that he and his partner were completely incompatible. No one would want to be in that person’s shoes and therefore it makes sense to discuss some issues before exchanging vows at the altar. If you are engaged then you must ask the following questions to your prospective spouse. Afterall it is better to be safe rather than sorry.

1. What Are Your Expectations From Our Marriage?

When people are in love they feel that nothing can go wrong. However, after just a few days as a married couple, they are hit by the reality of different expectations of the other partner. People planning to say I do must inquire about their expectation from the relationship. Let’s say you are planning to take a world tour to update your travel blog. Is your partner ready to leave her secure desk job and go around the world with you? Similarly, are you prepared to postpone your travel plans to accommodate her career? These are important points which all couples must sort out beforehand.

2. How Do You Plan To Achieve Your Life Goals?

Every person has a vision of how he/she wants his/her life to progress. People want to reach a certain position in their careers, start a family, buy a house or make some other achievements by the time they reach a certain age. Find out whether your vision of your life goals are broadly in synchronization with those of your potential spouse or not. Even if they do not match up, both of you can discuss and chart a middle path.

3. How Will We Manage Our Finances?

Ask any top divorce attorneys in Florida or any other state and they will tell you that financial issues are one of the biggest causes of separation. When both partners are earning, then it makes sense to ask each other how they will manage their finances after the wedding. Couples must make a plan to settle monthly bills, plan investments, and save money for their retirement. Having a conversation about finances will let you know how your loved one views and manages money.

4. Will You Be Open To Sharing All Your Problems With Me?

This is a crucial question that all couples must ask each other. Not all people are vocal about their feelings which can make their spouses think that they are not sharing their problems with them. Talk to your partner about how he/she will communicate his/her problem to you. This can be a challenging task for introverts and you need to be caring and understanding if your dear one falls into this category.

5. When Do You Think We Should Have Children?

Another question which you must ask to avoid divorce is when does your partner want to have children. Starting a family is a momentous decision and while some people eagerly look forward to it, others may be intimidated by it. Talking to your better half about this crucial life decision will help both of you get on the same page. It will also be pertinent to discuss how you will handle the situation as a team if you struggle to get pregnant.

6. What Should Be The Privacy Limits Between Us?

It is vital to respect each other’s personal space. This helps your spouse in feeling comfortable living and sharing his/her life with you. It will be sensible to know what are your partner’s preferred privacy limits. For instance, a person might be touch if her spouse reads her texts with her girl pals. Try to understand each other’s comfort levels and define some rules which will help build trust among both of you.

7. How Will We Divide Household Responsibilities?

A woman approached a divorce lawyer in Fort Pierce simply because her husband did not take out the trash every night. The attorney was kind enough to call her husband and make him see how this was a huge problem for his wife. Not everyone is so lucky and arguments over household responsibilities can easily snowball into something serious. It will be sensible to divide household chores like cleaning, doing the dishes, mowing the lawn or walking the dog right at the outset.

8. Do You Have Any Health Issues Which I Must Know?

Not confiding in your would-to-be spouse about a medical condition can make him/her lose trust in you. You must inform your partner about any health issues that you are suffering from and also ask if they have any condition you must know about. This will also help you be prepared for any emergency if and when it happens.

9. How Did Your Parents Argue?

Arguments are an integral part of every married couple’s life. Asking your prospective spouse about how their parents argued will give an insight into their reactions during one. This will first of all help in resolving things after a heated debate. At the same time, it will prevent resentment from building up and letting matters take a serious turn.


These are some vital questions that every couple must ask to avoid divorce. Discussing the key issues will help lay down a strong foundation for a long and enduring relationship.

Emma Dicousta has write several article related to law and all types of family law matters.She helps clients reach solutions and avoid prolonged conflict.