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Best uae embassy attestation in India



uae embassy attestation

What is uae embassy attestation?

Authenticating documents for use in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) can be quite confusing and overwhelming. In order to ensure that your documents will be accepted and recognized by the UAE government, you must have them attested by the UAE embassy. But what exactly is UAE embassy attestation? And what is the process like?

In this article, we’ll explore all things UAE embassy attestation – what it is, what types of documents can be attested, the process of attestation, and more. By the end, you’ll better understand how to get your documents attested for use in the UAE.

What Is UAE Embassy Attestation?

UAE embassy attestation is the process of authenticating documents for use in the United Arab Emirates. This usually involves having your documents notarized or certified by the UAE embassy in your home country. The attestation process is implemented to ensure that all documents submitted to the UAE government are valid and recognized.

There are many different types of documents that the UAE embassy can attest to. Degree certificate attestation also useful for getting job. Some of the most common include birth certificates, marriage certificates, diplomas, and degree certificates.

What Is the Attestation Process Like?

The attestation process will vary depending on the type of document you are trying to have attested. However, a few general steps are typically involved in the process.

First, you must submit your document to the UAE embassy in your home country. Along with any other required supporting documents. Once your documents have been received, they will be reviewed by the embassy. If everything is in order, the embassy will stamp and sign your document to certify that it is authentic.

After your document has been attested, you must submit it to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MoFA) in the UAE. The Morfa will then review your documents and issue an attestation certificate. Once you have received this certificate, you can submit your document to the relevant authority in the UAE.

What Are the Fees Associated With Attestation?

The fees associated with UAE embassy attestation will vary depending on the type of document you have attested. In most cases, you can expect to pay a few hundred dollars in fees. However, if you have multiple documents attested, you may be able to negotiate a discount. In some cases, you may also be required to submit additional supporting documents along with your attestation application. These documents may include a Notarized copy of your passport, a copy of your residency visa, and a copy of your Emirates ID.


In conclusion, the best way to get an uae embassy attestation in India is to go to the embassy and ask for help. Embassy staff can help you with everything from getting a visa to applying for a passport. If you cannot visit the embassy, you can also get help from your local consulate.