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DUI arrest: How to post bail for a friend



DUI arrest: How to post bail for a friend

What should you do after you find out that your loved one is under arrest for drunken driving? It can be a scary situation for anyone. Not knowing what to do next or how to post bail can add stress to the scare.


What are the different DUI charges your friend might face?

You can know all about bailing your loved one out of jail, but first, you need to learn about the charges against him or her.


1. Misdemeanor

In Ohio, if the DUI is the person’s first offense, the arresting officer is likely to book him or her for a misdemeanor. When there is a 7 to 10 years gap between two DUI charges, the arresting officer can book his or her second or third offense as a misdemeanor.


2. Felony

Sometimes, Ohio law enforcement can book someone for a felony irrespective of his or her criminal record. That happens when –

  • The arrested person has caused bodily harm or injury
  • There was fatality involved in his or her actions
  • His or her blood alcohol concentration (BAC) is over a certain level
  • He or she has prior DUI or DWI convictions in Ohio
  • He or she had minors in the vehicle while driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol
  • The accused with driving under the influence on a revoked or restricted license

These circumstances make it difficult for the accused to get bail. When the judge agrees to set bail, he or she sets it at a higher than usual amount. That is why several US citizens seek help from their local bail bonds company. Check out Castle Bail Bonding Dayton OH for more details on the different types of bails. In addition to this process prepare in advance for cheap SR-22 bond insurance in Ohio.

What is the process of posting bail in a DUI case?

When assisting a friend or family member with his or her bail bond, you should be aware of a few details –

  1. The full name of the arrested person and his or her bail amount.
  2. After the DUI arrest, the person becomes the defendant in the case.
  • He or she has to wait for the arraignment in jail.
  1. The judge sets the bail amount during this arraignment or first court hearing.
  2. You can only post bail for a DUI felony charge after the judge declares the bail amount.
  3. Bail for felony charges is typically higher than bail for misdemeanor charges.
  • In case you cannot pay the entire bail amount in cash, you can approach a reliable bail bonds company in Ohio.
  • You can pay only a part of the bond money with the help of the bail bondsman.
  1. Once you pay the bond, the defendant can go home and join his or her normal life.
  2. The defendant has to make all court appearances to keep the bond intact.

Sometimes, it is necessary to work with a bail bonds company even when you have the money to post bail. Selecting the right bail bonds company in Ohio can speed up the release of your friend or family member. The bail bonds company can also provide you with answers to all your questions.