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Fighting Your Charges After An Arrest: What You Should Know



Arrests happen on a daily basis for both serious and minor crimes. You might understand when you are being arrested or are at risk of being arrested. You do not have to talk to the police if you do not want to unless you have proof you are innocent. The police are trying to build a case and the more information you give them, the more the prosecution will have during the criminal case. DWI cases are a perfect example as alcohol might give a person the false confidence they can talk their way out of the arrest. The following are tips to fighting your charges after an arrest and what you should know. 

Find An Attorney To Represent You

You want to find a criminal defense attorney that is going to represent you in a quality manner. Hit and run defense will differ immensely from drug possession defense. You want legal representation that is going to be able to negotiate on your end. You might receive a plea deal including a diversion program that will totally clear your record of the charges. These deals are usually given to those that previously had a spotless record. 

Don’t Post About Your Arrest On Social Media

Trying to keep an arrest quiet is something that most people try to do. Do not go to social media to ask questions about a case as you could incriminate yourself in one way or another. Social media being deactivated could be the best decision so you can keep the lowest profile possible. Wiping social media of anything that could be considered less than reputable can be important as well. You don’t want a prosecutor painting a picture of you as a detriment to society for one reason or another simply to win a trial. You do not want pictures posted with you tagged that could indicate you are involved in the same activities. You also want to uphold all bond conditions which could be pretty strict depending on the charges. 

Keep Yourself Out Of Further Legal Trouble

You want to keep yourself out of further trouble which means staying home is likely your best option. You do not want to get caught out at a bar when you have been prohibited from doing so. The truth is that you need to be very careful until the conclusion of your criminal case. 

A number of arrests have to do with some form of addiction or substance abuse disorder. You want to get help as addiction can end in death even in the earlier years of a person’s life. Fentanyl is plaguing the country with so many drugs tainted with the deadly opioid. Alcoholism is rampant around the world but there are 12-step programs along with other ways to mitigate problem drinking. 

Fighting your charges should be done with good behavior on your end and a solid defense by your attorney. A plea deal or the charges completely being dropped can be a relief. Taking a case to trial