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How do Good Lawyer works?



How do Good Lawyer works?

Being a lawyer is one of the lucrative career options. When the young lawyers are looking for a job in a law firm, then they need to fulfill certain criteria. The law firms want the best candidates and that is very obvious. Although this is very difficult for those aspirants to understand what exactly the law firms are exactly looking for in the candidates they are about to hire. There are certain general requirements for the young lawyers which should necessarily be met. If all these criteria are fulfilled, then you certainly make a great lawyer.

How Is A Good Lawyer Different From A Bad Lawyer?



Efficient writing

One of the crucial criteria which segregate a good lawyer from the bad ones is writing skills. This is an obvious fact that the lawyers need to write a lot. They have to be well-versed with legal terms and terminologies and should easily be able to frame or draft agreements.  They have to lay out their argument in a proper and professional way and they are required to put up the points of evidence and support in order to fit into the overall picture of what facts that they are trying to establish. Every case is different hence, the lawyer should be able to understand the difference work accordingly.


Understanding of the case

Another very crucial criteria which the good attorney should necessarily meet is the thorough understanding of the field of law they are dealing with. Many people say that the good lawyers read the law, but the actual truth is that the good lawyers do more than just reading the laws. They know the laws inside & out. This is a very important criteria for becoming a successful lawyer as the attorneys necessarily have to use a specific law in his client’s favor. We would explain this with an example. The defense lawyers ought to completely understand the law in order to know what the penalties which their clients would face are and what evidence level is required for a conviction. With this deep knowledge in Criminal Defense Law, the criminal defense lawyers can find effective ways of giving their clients the right advantage during the trials in the court.


True to their work

Furthermore, this very crucial that the attorneys should maintain their right objectivity and independence from their clients. There are several times when the lawyers defend their clients for the purpose of publicity, but this process weakens the judgment to a certain level. When lawyers believe in one thing instead of something else, they make their best efforts of proving themselves right. With their efforts of maintaining their integrity and neutrality, the lawyers can level-headedly decide the best interest for their clients.



Foresightedness- the good lawyers should have the foresight to determine the things from the viewpoint of the opposing party. For example, the prosecution lawyers should never try to wrongly convict the people because of the negative effects which can probably affect the convicted individual. A good and sensible lawyer should necessarily look at a situation from the defendant’s eyes as well. Moreover, this is also true that looking at the case from the viewpoint of the opposing party also allows the lawyers to understand the arguments that the opposition party would probably use.


Look for faulty traits- One of the key factors that differentiate a good lawyer from a bad lawyer is their work traits. Look for the following traits:

  • A bad layer will show up late for meetings and might miss appointments as well
  • No, follow up
  • Improperly filed documents
  • They are not able to build a good rapport with the client

If you notice the above-mentioned signs in a lawyer, then you should stay at bay with them.


These are only a few of the characteristics of a good and sensible lawyer. In case, if you’re looking forward to being recruited by a reputed law firm, then you should necessarily be able to decide whether you have the qualities of a good lawyer. With these telltale signs, you should be able to figure out a good lawyer.