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How Does Record Suspension Help You Following A Criminal Conviction



How Does Record Suspension Help You Following A Criminal Conviction

Once you get your criminal records suspended by applying for a pardon, your criminal record is sealed and will never show up during Criminal Record Check Canada. Hence a pardon brings you a chance to access a decent life of enough opportunities that had been denied to you due to the criminal conviction you suffered. A record suspension is granted only when the convicted individual proves their progress over the given number of years once the sentence given is served fully. After serving the sentence, there must not be any more convictions or arrests to become eligible for a record suspension. After a record suspension happens, the concerned individual can say ‘no’ to a question by the employer if he had been ever convicted. Hence the individual gets a fair chance for a decent life with all its exciting opportunities.

What is revealed in a background check?
Once the record suspension is granted, the background check will not reveal your criminal record. In addition, it is also not possible for anyone to tell that you have been granted a record suspension. The situation will be like you had never been convicted of a crime.

Record suspension means the removal of every piece of information about the conviction that is maintained with the Canadian {Police Information Center (CPIC) database. Unless and until the Minister of Public safety approves it, no federal agency is entitled to give the information regarding the conviction of the individual. Nevertheless, it is important to note that record suspension will never have any effect on prohibition orders issued.

Understanding record suspensions and pardons
Pardons are now being called as record suspensions in Canada. For obtaining a record suspension, you must satisfy the following criteria. You are convicted of a crime in Canada or a crime abroad and the case was transferred to Canada. You have completed all the sentences given to you. You have paid all fines, compensations, restitution, costs, and surcharges related to the sentence. The probation order is successfully completed. The waiting period is successfully completed. Depending on the kind of offense, the waiting period can vary between 5 to 10 years.

What offenses are ineligible for a record suspension?
Criminal convictions that are counted under Schedule 1 offense like the one that involves a sexual offense targeted towards a child are not eligible for a record suspension. If any conviction was sentenced with two years or more of imprisonment or if there are three offenses in line prosecuted by indictment, the individual is not eligible for a record suspension.

Processing the application
Filling out and submitting the records suspension application to the concerned authorities is a cumbersome process. There are a long list of formalities to be completed and documents to be submitted. In case there are any discrepancies or inadequacies noted in the application or attachments, the application for records suspension can be rejected. Hence it is always a good idea to apply for record suspension through a reliable and accomplished records suspension company in Canada that can speed up the process for you by providing a complete handheld assistance from start to finish.

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