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Provisional Driving License UK: How Do I get one?



Provisional Driving License UK: How Do I get one?

Provisional Driving License UK: How Do I get one?

Provisional driving license is something which is to be done as the first thing when you decide to take your driving lessons. The minimum legal driving age in the UK is 17 years and there are few different ways in which you can apply for provisional driving license UK.

How Do I apply for a Provisional Driving License?

You can now apply for a Provisional Driving License UK through the best online portals if you have a passport and a credit or a debit card. Even from the local post office you can get one D1 application form and send it to the office of DVLA along with a fee and identity proof.

You can also provide the 9 digit number of your UK passport to the DVLA so that they can use your passport photo. On the other hand, to prove your identity you can also provide your original documents along with a passport-style color photograph.

Getting the best online deal for provisional driving license

Unlike those of the conventional insurers, the provisional drivers provide motor insurance quotes. Motor insurance includes higher rates than what a learner driver can afford.

The learners have to pay more in terms of their insurance as they are more prone to undergo motor accidents. For the provisional drivers, various insurance schemes are available which covers the complete insurance. Budget third-party schemes, complete and detailed policies are also available.

Provisional Driving License UK: How Do I get one?

Once they get through their driving examinations their motor insurance value will decrease is what the learners believe in. Similar to the person who has just got through his test, a learner driver under introspection has as much chance to cause accidents.

Many insurance companies in the UK provide cheap car insurance to provisional drivers. There are times when the insurance companies fail to provide a good deal for the insurance and they just fail to provide a proper rate.

Minimum age requirements for different types of vehicles on the road

The provisional permit which you have at the age of 17, you will be able to drive your car around. These vehicles have a total weight of no more than three thousands five hundred kilograms as they can also have a maximum authorized mass too.

Vehicles between three thousands five hundred kilograms and seven thousand five hundred kilograms are permitted to be driven by at least eighteen years old to drive. It can weigh no more than seven hundred and fifty kilos when it comes to trailers. You have to be at least twenty-one years old if you do have a trailer.

You also need to be at least twenty-one to drive a minibus or a bus. More than 8 passengers can be held in these.

You may be allowed to drive all vehicles at the age of 17 if you are a member of the armed forces.

Rules to be followed by the provisional license holders

You can drive with the L plates on the car as long as you are supervised by someone who has had the full UK driving license for over the course of three years and this is all done when you already have received your license. You also need to be carefully insured. Taking a course of lessons with an approved driving instructor is the easiest way to comply.

You also might want to practice between lessons once you have enough confidence and your instructor believes that you are ready enough. This is all possible when you have an insured and L-plated car and willing to take a qualified driver with you who can also suggest you when to renew the provisional driving license.

Finding the best car insurance for 17 years old

It is going to be really difficult to get insurance if you are 17 and you are having a provisional driving license. To operate a motor vehicle on any UK road without insurance is something which is completely illegal. So how will you go about it?

You can also be added to your parent’s insurance which is a smart move which you can make. You may have no other choices and options for a while with so many insurance companies who are refusing to ensure 17 years old. Instead of deliberately misleading the insurer about who is the main driver of the car, this is something which needs to be taken care of properly.

It is something which is a lot more difficult when it comes to cheap car insurance. As they are considered to be very accident prone, insurance policies for people having temporary driving license tend to be a lot more costly.


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