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Pursuing a Personal Injury Claim—hire a lawyer in Anchorage



hire a lawyer in Anchorage

Many people may want to file an injury lawsuit after an accident that causes bodily injuries and property loss or damage. Some accident victims make mistakes that negatively impact their claims.

It’s highly recommended to hire a lawyer in Anchorage when pursuing an injury claim. A skilled and experienced injury attorney will assess the circumstances surrounding your case and offer legal advice on how to resolve it effectively.

Best Practices When Pursuing an Injury Claim 

The following are the dos and don’ts of personal injury claims:

Never Engage the At-Fault Party’s Insurer

You will likely get a call from the at-fault insurer seeking to know your progress. They may also make a settlement offer to resolve the case as soon as possible. 

Engaging the defendant’s insurance adjusters or company without legal counsel can be detrimental to your case. Anything you say during such meetings or engagements can be used by the insurance company to deny liability or devalue the value of your claim.

Suppose the other party’s insurer asks whether you’re okay and you reply in the affirmative. Your response can be construed to mean your injuries are not severe, which can hurt your case.

The insurance claims process involves negotiating a fair settlement with insurance adjusters. Unfortunately, initial settlement offers are almost always bad deals meant to confuse claimants. 

You’re lucky if you haven’t made this mistake yet. Always direct all correspondence between you and insurance adjusters to your lawyer.

Inquire About Litigation Costs

Many people fear hiring lawyers because of the notion that legal services are costly. The truth is you can hire a lawyer without money. 

Most attorneys work on a contingency fee basis, making the legal process affordable. Under this model, plaintiffs pay legal fees after successful litigation and compensation. Always inquire about the payment terms and conditions before hiring legal representation.

Lawyers are paid a pre-agreed percentage of the recoverable damages in a successful claim. This percentage can vary by lawyer, but the majority of the lawyers ask for a 33% commission. That said, you won’t pay anything if the case is lost.

Involve a Lawyer Early

Unfortunately, most people involve lawyers after making costly mistakes. While you can involve an attorney at any stage of the claim, involving them in the initial stages of a case is much better.

Consulting a lawyer earlier accords them ample time to collect evidence for building a strong case. You also get legal counsel to help you avoid mistakes that could compromise your chances of receiving fair compensation.

Ensure your lawyer is a specialist in the type of your claim, skilled, and experienced. They should also have a high success rate in similar cases and be reputable. Local lawyers have better insights into local laws, meaning they’re better than foreign lawyers.

Avoid Social Media

You’ll likely be tempted to share the details of your accident on social media. We also understand that getting sympathy from your social media friends can help your healing process.

Talking about the accident or your injuries on social media can hurt your case. Why? The other side will likely be scouring through your social media activity for anything that can negatively impact your claim. Even posts that aren’t related to the accident or case can cost your case. Suppose you attend a party after the accident and take photos enjoying yourself. 

Those photos can be used to defeat your claim if the other side states that the injuries did not significantly impact the quality of your life, which can lower the recoverable damages. The best approach would be to change your social media settings to avoid being tagged by friends.

Follow Your Lawyer’s Advice and Instructions 

You hired a lawyer because you believe they have the skills and experience to help your case. While they are right in most cases, sometimes they’re not because they’re human.

Your lawyers have your best interest in mind because their pay depends on the success of your case. So, give them the freedom to make decisions unless you have good reasons to doubt the outcome of their decisions.

Consider a Free Initial Consultation

A free legal consultation allows prospective clients to assess the competence of a lawyer to make informed decisions. You’ll be able to review the qualities of a lawyer, including their: 

  • Track record,  
  • Specialty;
  • Experience;
  • Reputation;
  • Review from previous clients;
  • Success rate, and much more.

While all lawyers are well-trained, not all are cut for the job. Ensure to hire a lawyer with the right skill sets to handle your case. A free legal consultation provides insights into the lawyer’s history of service. Hiring the right person will boost your confidence in winning the case.

The information in this article can help you if you’re facing a personal injury claim. A lawyer can offer more advice on this subject.