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Ways to Fit into American society as a New Immigrant



Ways to Fit into American society as a New Immigrant

Leaving one’s fatherland is not an easy task. It is a decision that needs a lot of planning. Leaving one’s fatherland makes one lose contact with family and friends. Having a strong mind to leave one’s family behind is not the only important thing needed to immigrate. The culture where one is emigrating to is different from the culture in one’s native land which makes it very important for one to prepare one’s mind for a change in culture before migrating to any country of the world. Being an immigrant in the United States is not easy compared to many other countries due to a few reasons that include:


  • Size: the United States is the third-largest country in the world by landmass, being an immigrant in such a big country will be problematic because it will be almost impossible to get used to every part of the country in a short time.
  • System of Government: The United States have a system of government whereby each of the 50 states is semi-autonomous, which means there are different state laws and government. Fitting into such a country will not be easy.
  • Unity in diversity: The United States is a country where there is no dominant race. America is full of people from various races, which makes it difficult to get used to the culture of the country as there is various culture to be learned.
  • Population: the United States is a very populous country, one of the most populated in the world. As an immigrant in such a country where there are a lot of people, it may be difficult to fit into the ranks of the environment especially if one is coming from a country with a small population.

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There are various ways to fit into American society easily. They include:


Good friendship

As an immigrant who is “fresh off the boat” in the United States, it is expected to be new to the environmental differences. The best way to get used to a new environment is to get a good friend who is already used to the system of the country. Getting a friend who is used to the system will make it possible for you to be guided by such a friend. The United States is a country full of friendly people who are always ready to help immigrants fit into society. There are many ways you can meet such people as an immigrant. A good example of places where you can meet people is social media.


Getting on the right course

As an immigrant in any part of the world, it is very much expected of you to have a purpose of immigrating into the country. The two major reasons why people immigrate are education and employment. When immigrating into the United States, you should be ready to start what you planned to do in the country as soon as possible. A lot of immigrants do change their plans when they get to the United States due to a reason or another. Changing the plan most times usually lead to not getting one’s course right in the country.  This is the reason why it is always good to stick with one’s plan.


Get an Immigration lawyer

Getting a visa or immigration cases are not the only situations where you need an immigration lawyer as an immigrant. An immigration lawyer is a good way of fitting into any country’s system as he or she will be able to put you through the things you can do and the things you cannot do as an immigrant. Having an immigration lawyer will build your confidence when it comes to having any issue with the USIC.


Get your financial life started

As an immigrant in the United States, it is important to be dependent when it comes to your financial life. The first thing you should do is to apply for the social security number, which takes less than a week to finalize so far you have the necessary documents. The second step is to investigate the best bank for you and apply for an account. After getting a bank account, you can now decide to work or study depending on your plan. A very important thing to note as a new bank user in the United States is that all your financial documents and passwords should be kept private.

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