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What are the common criminal Injuries and How a solicitor can help you?



What are the common criminal Injuries and How a solicitor can help you?

Criminal activities are common in any area. Usually, these activities are common in countries which are not developed. However, the crime rate is getting an increase from the last decade. Sometimes, when you get robbed or try to catch the criminal, they try to beat the person.

Furthermore, most of the countries try to provide foolproof security to their citizens. However, you can’t control every crime. As you know, criminal activities can damage the victim’s health, social life, and internal emotions and financial condition. If you are involved in an accident which is due to someone else fault or negligence, you can claim compensation.

What are the common criminal injuries?

The common injuries which a person may face in criminal and violent activities are:

  • Kidnapping
  • Robbery
  • Assault
  • Racial attack
  • Rape and sexual assault
  • Stabbing
  • Child abuse
  • Psychological injury

What should you do after the accident?

After the accident, you need to call the police immediately. As you know, the criminal can also injure someone else walking on the road. If you call the police, then you can record the accident. If you are an eyewitness of criminal activity, you need to call the police immediately so that the criminal does not damage someone else.

In different countries, there is a different response time of police. However, in the UK, you have to survive for 15 minutes after calling the police. The police response time in the UK is 15 minutes. After that specific time, mobile police units with Special Forces will cover the area. If you don’t call the police to record the accident, you can lose your chance to claim the compensation.

Medical report

After reporting the accident or criminal activity, you should seek medical attention immediately. The doctor will deeply examine the body of the victim to calculate body damage. After the complete checkup, the doctor will make a report on the health of the victim. This file will help us to claim compensation.
The doctor may refer the case to the relevant department. After this, they may choose the best treatment option. Remember that the healing time of the wounds depends on the severity and the type of injury.

Seek the help of the solicitor

After the medical treatment and police complain, you can seek the help of the solicitor. Personal injury solicitor can help you in many ways. He can help you to collect the evidence of the criminal assault. However, it’s better that you take the snaps of the accident or violent activities. If these activities occurred in the area where CCTV footage is available, its better you demand the CCTV footage from the honor of the city.

Personal injury solicitor can help you to calculate the damage amount in the form of medical expenses, general body damage, and caretaker expenses. Personal injury solicitor can also pursue your case in the solicitor court. In this type of activities, the criminal is responsible for the compensation claim. He will pay for all the damage he has done to the victims.

Criminal activity claim amount

In every accident or assault, there is no limit of the compensation claim. You will get the compensation according to the damage to the body. The compensation may also depend on the type and the severity of the assault.
In the compensation claim, you can include the travel expenditures, medical expenditures, and all other costs. AS you are jobless, you can also include the economic damage caused by criminal activity.

You need to remember that if a victim of criminal injury is dead, then their relative can claim compensation. The personal injury solicitor Blackburn can help you to register the claim on behalf of your close one.

Time limitation

The time limitation to file the compensation claim is three years after the accident. Its better you claim the compensation as soon as possible. In this situation, all the evidence is fresh, and you can quickly contact the eyewitness. Various conditions can increase the time to claim compensation. If you are a child, then you can claim compensation after your eighteenth birthday.