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What is Data Governance Framework? Why Your Business Need One



What is Data Governance Framework? Why Your Business Need One

The world in today’s time believes in rapidness for result oriented practices in the realm of business. So, an efficient Data Governance in today’s time is on every company’s wishlist. So, what makes data governance efficient is the right framework and let’s learn more about it before we go about in the detailed note on its benefits.

Millions of companies around the world are not quite sure what to do with their data. Some companies have just started to embrace cloud computing and data management/security. Others have large policy manuals and trees that show how data should be used in their company.

All of these companies need to start thinking more about the process of governing their data systems. The governance of data can be just as essential to company success as the presence of secure data storage software.

What is data governance?

Every company is starting to use different data concepts such as online data storage and electronic data filing. These procedures have grown so large and complicated that they can no longer be managed by the individuals working for a company as an ancillary part of their regular jobs. Governance is the process by which a company controls its data and makes decisions about access, storage, and data usage.

It differs from data management in that governance imposes power and a place in a hierarchy. Different individuals in the governance structure make different decisions and are responsible for different parts of the data management process. They are held responsible by members of higher management who are at the top of the governance structure.

Data governance framework

A data governance framework is required for the concept of data governance to work in the first place. This framework will consist of a list of tasks and company positions mapped out in a sort of branching structure. Governance frameworks include individuals, contact information, and procedures for communication and dealing with potential data problems. A confident framework will have all relevant individuals and will allow a person to quickly receive help for their specific data problem.

What to do

Any companies looking for help with the governance of data needs to first look at a framework. They should bring in all of their relevant stakeholders to a meeting and discuss all of the attributes of their company that use some sort of data. At this meeting, individuals should ascertain who in their company has any experience with data and if their problems can be solved within the company. In some cases, a manager will be so overwhelmed that they will have to bring in an outside consultant to draw up a proper framework and potentially hire data professionals.

For other individuals who are more confident in their data skills, they will be able to draw up such a framework on their own. The essential part of this framework is the idea of responsibility and the need for every task to have an individual responsible for its completion. There may be additional policies and procedures within the company to help denote the punishments that will occur if those goals have not been accomplished.


Data governance is a new concept for even the most sophisticated companies. It is not an easy task for any company. Instead, governance should be viewed as a work in progress that can be modified and tampered with by upper management at any time. But starting the process of improving governance of data is critical if a company wants to make sure they are organized and protected from the multitude of data issues companies are currently vulnerable to.

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