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When You Have a Traumatic Brain Injury on the Job



When You Have a Traumatic Brain Injury on the Job

Brain injury is quite possibly the most serious injury that can happen to an employee while working. A head injury can cause damage to the brain as well as to the skull. If you live in the Chicago area, a Traumatic brain injury attorney in Chicago IL will help you to receive the benefits of workers’ compensation.

Causes of Workplace Brain Injury

While the brain is protected by the human skull, the brain is made up of soft tissues that get easily damaged if you have an injury to the brain. A blow to the head causes the brain jolt within the walls of the skull. If the impact is strong, then it will lead to bleeding or swelling, which results in traumatic brain injury. The highest risks of head injuries are loading dock workers, construction workers, firefighters, professional athletes, car racing drivers, etc.

Symptoms of Brain Injury

Some of the symptoms can happen right after you get hurt but some injuries might take days to show any symptoms. The most common symptoms are headaches, dizziness, tiredness, and nausea for a severe brain injury. The symptoms are behavior changes, slurred speech, dilated pupils, repeated vomiting, persistent headaches, and fluid leaking from the ear or the nose, etc.

Action to Take After a Brain Injury

Brain injuries are not to be taken lightly. When you have an injury, don’t assume that you are fine and act tough. The first priority is to get in touch with the best doctor, and secondly, to inform your employer about the injury. You may not feel like you have undergone an injury if it is internal, so it is necessary to visit a doctor. Delay in the medical treatment will not only make your situation worse but also it can worsen your health condition.

Steps to Follow While Filling a Compensation for a Brain Injury

Report the Injury

You need to report the brain injury to your employer at the earliest time possible. There are certain deadlines that are stated by every company which you need to follow to claim benefits. If the injury is not reported within the specified time period, then the insurance company will think that the injury was not serious enough to inform them on time. Due to this, you might also not receive the benefits you’re seeking.

Get Immediate Treatment

While you may question the need to inform your doctor that the injury is work-related, realize that if you don’t inform the doctor, then you may also not receive the proper worker’s compensation claim benefits.

Filing for a Compensation Claim

After you notify the employer about the injury, the employer is required to submit the details to the concerned authority. Consulting traumatic brain injury attorneys during the entire process is necessary to get proper benefits.

Common Brain Injuries in Certain Industries

In some industries, if the worker needs to climb ladders and work on high structures, the risk of slipping and falling has caused many accidents. Heavy machinery operations and heavy objects falling on workers have led to many accidents. Laborers and workers in the construction industry, retail, and truck drivers in the trade and transportation industries, and stock and material movers in the manufacturing industry are more prone to brain injuries.

Types of Worker’s Compensation Benefits

The workers’ compensation provided by any company can include payment of medical expenses, loss of limb benefits, disfigurement benefits, replacement of lost wages, etc. They provide security and financial protection to the employee in the form of medical treatment coverage. They also pay you with the wages during your recovery period when you are unable to work. The compensation benefit is dependent on the severity of the injury that you have experienced.

After you have experienced a workplace brain injury, it is important to work with an experienced worker compensation attorney who will help you to get the maximum health benefits that are possible.

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