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Who is responsible for public place accidents?



Who is responsible for public place accidents?

Public places are usually crowded with heavy traffic. The chances of getting injured are high due to a minor mistake. Accidents in public area cause more damage than other places. Sometimes it’s hard to find the responsible person for the accident. However, by the help of a solicitor, this can be easy.

Public places can be of many kinds, whether you discuss the shopping area, main market, pedestrian lane, or any area which is fully open for public. In other words, a public place is an area which is open for the public to use them.

Who is responsible for the accident?

In public spaces, whether the cause of your accident is a slip, trip or fall or pavement, then the responsible party will be city council and local authorities. Any complaint or claim against the local authority will be against the local authority’s public liability.

What is a public liability?

Public liability is when someone injures himself, due to the negligence of another party in their duty. Then the injured person will be able to file the claim against them.

Any claim on local authorities shows that they are not responsible in their work, and don’t work professionally and usually neglect their duty. SO the state may remove them from their post, that they are accused of injuring the innocent public.

As you know, it is the local authority’s responsibility to maintain and repair the damage to the pavement to avoid an accident in public places in the form of a slip, trip or fall.

Medical observation

After the accident, you need to immediately report the accident in the accident book or call the police. Sometimes, if you don’t report the accident, you might lose the right to claim against the liable party. After this, you will need medical attention, where the doctor will examine your body deeply and will check the damage to your body.

This will help them to choose the best treatment option for your body. After all this process, the doctor will make a file, in which they will describe the damage of the organ and the total expenses you have paid. This file will help personal injury solicitor to make a charge sheet against the responsible person.

Claim procedure

After the treatment, you will need a solicitor, who will pursue your case in solicitor court. Always consult with professional personal injury solicitor who has a year of experience in the relevant injury cases. Personal injury solicitor can help you to make you gather the information and evidence of the accident.

Personal injury solicitor Blackburn can minimize your stress and anxiety by doing all legal work on his own. You will only have to appear in the solicitor court for adjuration.


If the liable party tries to contact you for settlement talks, never meet them without consulting solicitor. If they give you offer for settlement, then you need to verify that is this compensation enough for you to overcome your damage.

The responsible party will always try to negotiate the compensation amount, and your solicitor can help you to stick to a specific limit. If the liable party doesn’t agree on the compensation amount you want, then you need to take them to the solicitor court.

Time limit to file a claim

The time limit to file the compensation claim is only three years after the accident, or after the injury spotted. However, the time limit to file a complaint can be exceeded the injured person who was not fit medically to file the claim.