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6 Common Household Emergencies



6 Common Household Emergencies

Even in a well-maintained home, there are often emergencies that require immediate repairs and expenses. These emergencies also require you to have a professional repairman on speed dial and call them as soon as you notice a problem.

At the same time, many of these could be avoided by knowing what the weak spots of your home are. That way, you can schedule repairs slowly over the year and tackle each of the potential issues before it becomes an actual problem that causes mess and unneeded expense.

Power failure

There’s little a homeowner could do to prevent a power failure. It’s usually something that happens due to bad weather and all you can do is to wait for the power grid to repair the issue. Instead, you should prepare for the event by having enough supplies and emergency rations.

Power failure

The best thing you could do is to have an emergency power generator that will supply your home until the power grid is back online, but that’s an expensive option and most just settle with having a grill and some battery powered fridges so they can cook while this is happening.

Damaged Roof

A damaged roof is a serious issue and homeowners usually notice such a problem only when there’s a leak inside the house. When this happens, the only thing you could do is to call a professional to repair the roof for you. This isn’t an inexpensive undertaking and it’s best if you do it while the weather is right for the job.

Instead of waiting for this to happen, you should try to inspect the roof before something happens, possibly once a year. That way, you can notice the small cracks before the leak appears and the repairs will cost much less.

Blocked toilet

Dealing with a blocked toilet is never pleasant. It needs to be done quickly and it can cause quite a mess if you don’t react right away. It’s best to call a professional to handle the clog itself, but before it happens, you should try to prevent the toilet from overflowing.

Blocked toilet

The worst thing you could do is try to flush the toilet again and again and try to solve the problem that way. Instead, you should open the “flapper”, the rubber plug that opens to let the water from the tank to the ball.

Broken air-conditioning system

There are many ways for an AC to get broken and some of them are quite easy to fix up while others may cause a big problem and require a professional to take a look at them. The rule of thumb is that if you see water coming out of your AC, you’ll need to call an electrician to help.

Smaller maintenance work around the AC is usually rather easy to do and you should make it a yearly or even better a seasonal choir. It’s simply about taking out all the filters and cleaning them thoroughly before use.

Gas Leaks

Gas leaks are probably the most dangerous malfunction on our list. Flame or even a small spark could cause an explosion if there’s a leaking gas in the room and you should clear the room as soon as you notice a problem and call the professionals to deal with it. Leaks are most noticeable by their specific smell.

It’s also useful to turn off the gas supply at the meter when you notice a potential leak and to vent the room right away so that you limit your exposure to the gas. Other than that, actual work should be done by the professionals from the gas company so that everyone’s safety is ensured.

Burst taps

Taps and showerheads usually burst because of the change in temperature or because there’s a large clog within the pipe. This is relatively simple to replace and your main concern should be to stop the water instead of dealing with the repair right away. Make sure you know where the valves are so you can kill the water in the whole home or in the room with a broken tap.

Burst taps

Once you do, you’ll need to replace the broken pipe with a new one and let the water run again. It’s easy to do, but you could call a plumber if you don’t feel up to it.a

There are a few common household emergencies you should prepare for. Making sure you plan for these in advance will make the problem that much more manageable for the homeowner when they come up.


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