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How False Beliefs Are Keeping You From Living The Life You Desire



How False Beliefs Are Keeping You From Living The Life You Desire

Everybody has its own set of beliefs. Multiple beliefs make up a belief system. Beliefs come from multiple things: what you have experienced, what you have been exposed to or what you have been through growing up. A belief is ultimately what you have programmed in your mind, something that seems normal, something that you believe to be true. All your life you have been acting according to your set of beliefs. But what if there are some beliefs that aren’t really serving you? What if they are actually holding you back from living the life that you want? If you knew you had wrong beliefs, wouldn’t you want to release them?

You see the first question you have to ask yourself is why you believe what you believe. What facts support or disprove your beliefs? Picture a specific belief on top of a table supported by 4 legs. The 4 legs represent the facts that make that belief true. If you can disprove enough of these facts, then the table would fall, and you would prove your belief to be wrong.

Beliefs are also transmitted from person to person with the use of a proverb or a saying. By constantly repeating and hearing the same phrase, it becomes natural to start believing it. Here are 3 common phrases that people have heard and mistakenly accepted as their own personal beliefs. Pay close attention to them as you might believe one or more of them to be true.

Money doesn’t grow on trees

Everybody has heard this at least once. And many people have unfortunately accepted this as their own belief. What does this saying tell you? It says that money is hard to get because it doesn’t simply just grow on trees, but it’s also limited, and you definitely won’t have enough. Believing this saying brings you to question how hard you have to work to achieve your goals, and it makes it okay for you not to have enough money to buy what you want, and ultimately have the life you want. It makes it okay for you to settle for a low paycheck because money is so hard to get, it doesn’t just grow on trees. If you have this false belief, don’t worry, you can easily release it by believing that money is ample in the world and you are definitely deserving of it. In addition, just realize how many different ways there are to earn money today. There are so many different things you can do to make more money than if you just apply yourself, instead of just believing it’s too hard, you can do it!

Life is hard

This one follows the same concept as the previous one. Believing this phrase to be true, simply sets you up for failure. Life can be anything you want it to be. That is ultimately determined by your goals. But if you unquestionably believe it to be hard, then you will feel discouraged and hopeless to even attempt to work towards your goals because you already fear It’s going to be too hard. Therefore, it will be normal for you to go through difficulties and unnecessary suffering because you believe it’s normal and expected. In the end, you will stay in your comfort zone and never progress in your life. To release this false belief, just look at successful people’s lives. Is life hard for them? It might have been at first because you have to put some effort to achieve your goals and financial freedom, but now that they have made it, life for them is awesome and fun. So, it can be the same for you.

Good Things come to those who wait

What does this exactly mean? Should you just be passive throughout your life and wait for something good to happen to you, or should you get out there and work hard to make something good happen? This phrase promotes stagnation and negatively impacts progress. If you believe all you have to do is wait, you will lose drive and momentum. Your desire to be successful will just turn into a feeling of impatience and worry because doing what you need to do will take too long. You can release this belief by simply realizing how short life is. You won’t get back any wasted minute waiting around for something to happen. So, get out there and make it happen yourself.


My name is Riccardo Roiati, and I hope you got value from this article.

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