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Simple Body Work-Outs and How to Motivate Yourselves for Making Your Body Strong



Simple Body Work-Outs and How to Motivate Yourselves for Making Your Body Strong

What is real wealth in life? It is not money, materials, and girls. It is your health. Yes, only health is your real wealth, and if you don’t care about it, then it is difficult to bring it back, and however hard you try, you could not buy it back with all the money you have earned. So guys take care of your health

Life is busy these days. People are running only behind money and fame smoking cigarettes, drinking beers, eating meats without caring about their health. They think that medical science has become so advanced that it could care about any disease. Though perhaps it could be. But it doesn’t mean you don’t care about your health. 

It is not that of hard work and difficult. You just have to rise up early and do it. What is the problem that you don’t give it much importance? Some say they lack motivation, some say they don’t have a desire for it, some say they procrastinate; all have their excuses. Yes, these are all excuses that stop you from doing exercise, and if you don’t do it, you would regret later in your life when you come old age. 

Don’t worry we tell you some simple exercises that you can do easily to maintain your health in this busy life and some inspiring quotes for your daily motivation provided whenever you going down, you see these motivational quotes and they boost you up. 

Simple Exercises for Maintaining Your Health


Yeah, this is the simplest form of exercise on this earth. If you couldn’t do any other exercise, you can just simply do walking. Walk as much as you can, whether you do in the morning or evenings. Just do it, and please don’t make this excuse that you don’t have even time for that. 

Avoid going into cars and on motorcycles. Avoid any commute if you can. Try to a brisk walk and several other forms of walking. If you regularly do walking for four and five kilometers, your stamina will increase and you feel vitality in your body that pushes you to do more exercises. So walk and don’t talk!


It is simple in form but hardest in doing but every effective. If you do just ten minutes of planking, which is not easy to do, it tremendously benefits your body overall. There are several forms of planking. Whatever form you do, it benefits your overall body. And one of the best things is that you can do this exercise anywhere wherever you want to do it. 


It is an old school exercise. You must have done it when you were a child and in your school, your physical teacher must have punished you for not completing the fifty rounds of it! It is one of the best exercises for legs. And you can do it anywhere. There are some forms of it that you can try. These exercises what we are mentioning, are especially for those people who are super busy in their life and could not find time for pumping their bodies. So just squat up and down and burn your body!


Yeah, we all know that. Various forms of it you can do, and even one form of it if you have perfected, then you must have definitely built the strength. It is the required exercise for boxers. It is said that Mike Tyson used to do 500 push-ups in a day. It was in his daily schedule. Just think about 500 push-ups, and if you could do so, just imagine the strength that you must have built doing it. So start now!

How to motivate yourself for doing exercises

First of all, motivation comes from within. It is not an outside thing. But sometimes if any kind of external source can help you to bring motivation in you to do exercise, then you must use it if you think it can help you. We are going to tell you a few pointers that if you concentrate on them and pay real attention, you don’t need to push yourself every day for pumping up your body. 

Strong you are, good you look

Don’t you ever think that you want to look strong and want to have the strength? Do you want to look like a weakling or just as a normal guy? Rather than anything, if you feel and look strong, then it boots up your confidence. Though it doesn’t mean that only strong guys can have confidence. While we want to say, if you have strength, then it boosts up the confidence you already have. 

Your body, your temple

Your body is your temple. If you don’t clean up your temple, then dirt would accumulate there and could cause various types of diseases. Do you want to go through diseases? Definitely not. Then to clean up your body temple, you need to sweat out. You have to do exercise, any kind of whatever you like, just sweat out your body. 

Motivational Quotes

if you are still not getting motivated, then see the videos of legends of strengths like Rock aka Dwayne Johnson, Mike Tyson, Muhammad Ali, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Lee Haney, and others. There are so many. These all legends and others like them have inspired millions of generations to work for their body, and their inspiring quotes about strength, life, and how it all affects the overall body and life and its perspective can completely change your life. Read their quotes about life and how working out for their body and making it strong affected them in a positive way. 

As we have said above, motivation for anything comes from within and it is always self-motivation towards anything whatever you want to do inspire you. If you can’t level up yourselves, no one could, whatever you read and see videos of many. It is always the feeling “That I want to do it” makes you do what you want to do in your life. So all out there, get inspired and aspired for your body making it strong and healthy. Do exercises or simply walk.    

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