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10 Important Things to Carry with Girls Stuff



10 Important Things to Carry with Girls Stuff

No matter how ready you are, there is always room for some touch-ups. However, for you to stay at your very best at all points in time, you need to make sure that you have the right tools to do the job right. To save yourself from embarrassment or to make sure that you look just perfect for your last-minute date, here are some things to always carry in your bag:


Lip Balms for your Dazzling Lips

Lip balms are a godsend for all of us. One of the staple beauty products to store in your handbag, this is little thing saves you from dry and flaky lips. What’s more is that lip balms can be found in various shades and colors, which allow you to have a natural-looking lip shade.

Bonus: It takes only a minute to re-apply!


Face Creams for Prim and Proper Faces

Our faces often make the first impression, which is why keeping our faces prim and proper is a serious need. Depending on your skin type, you can look for the best face moisturizer the suits your need. If you feel that carrying a face cream and foundation are a bit too much for your handbag, carry creams. Creams are easy, simple and light. Plus, it acts as a moisturizer as well as a foundation.


Sunscreens for UV protection

It is no secret that the piercing sun rays can leave your skin a bit too dark. However, to make sure that the UV rays of the sun do not leave marks on your skin, you should always carry sunscreen, especially if you live in an area with a lot of sun exposure.
Also, make sure that your sunscreens have enough SPF to help you protect your skin from the harmful sun rays.


The Eternal Red lipstick

Never, we repeat, never, leave your house without a spare red lipstick. Be it to do a perfect lady boss look or for a Saturday night date, red lipstick will help you go far. The best part about carrying a red lipstick is that you can pull it off with just about anything.
Remember to carry one at all times.



When you pack your handbag, make sure that you pick up everything that you may need. Mascara is one other thing to keep close when you leave your house. Apart from various types of Skincare Products, this little tube helps you to add beauty to your eyes. And that fact alone, allows you to have the complete package on-the-go!


Aloe vera Gel for Replenishment

One of the most crucial natural beauty products to keep in your handbag is a tube of aloe vera gel. Aloe vera gel heals your face, allows you to get a glow and aids in regenerating cells. Furthermore, if you can’t catch a break on a hectic day, you can at least take care of your face by applying some aloe vera gel.


A small Perfume

To make sure that you are always at your best, you should also carry a perfume along. Since your handbag has limited space, carry a small or pocket perfume.

Apart from the above-mentioned things to keep in your handbag, keep some makeup removal kits and face napkins as well.