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10 Life Hacks Which Would Change Your Life Right Now



Power Of Positive Thinking

Life isn’t about having the right aptitude, It’s about having the right attitude. You may be down and out today, but, that doesn’t mean you won’t be up and running tomorrow.

In my 23 year journey on planet Earth, If I was asked to sum-up my learnings which have played an influential role in my life and have changed it, then, These 10 things would be ruling my list:

1)People will always point fingers at you. Don’t pay attention. #LeaveIt

2)Don’t argue to prove you are right. Prove it by your actions. #DoMore

3) Don’t see what you can get from people, Start seeing what you can give to them. #PowerOfGiving

4)Add a ton of value and don’t expect anything in return. You would get the best return without asking for one.#KarmaWorks

5)Your competitors can copy your idea, plan. But, they can’t copy your attitude. #AttitudeMattersMost

6)Some people may laugh at you, Be happy because you just helped them burn some calories. #LetThemLaugh

7)You may be down and out today, but that doesn’t mean you won’t be up and running tomorrow. #ItWillHappen

8)Life isn’t about winning or losing, It is about winning and learning. #KeepLearning

9)You can afford to lose some business deals, But, you can’t afford to lose valuable family time.#FamilyMattersALot

10) Don’t leave it too late. You may not have that much time. So, Get it NOW. #DoItNow

Now that you know what would make your life successful, What are you waiting for?

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Vanky Kenny Kataria is a 23 year old motivational speaker and personal brand consultant. He's a two time Tedx speaker and has been featured in publications like Forbes, Entrepreneur, Huffington Post, IdeaMensch, Reader's Digest, MSN,etc and in books like '30&Under'. 'PeopleMaven' named him one of the Top 13 Emerging Communication Skills Coaches from around the world and has also been awarded with the prestigious 'Radio Mirchi's Youth Icon' of Nashik. He has keynoted at conferences such as the 'Coca Cola Youth Speak Forum' held at Nashik, 2017 and is also the brand ambassador of India for 'Host Your Voice'. He's also a contributor to international publications like Thrive Global, KivoDaily, Better Days Global and others.