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10 Reasons To Use A Leather Notebook



10 Reasons To Use A Leather Notebook

Do you want to know the secret of successful women like Oprah Winfrey and Sheryl Sandberg? Just like Leonardo Da Vinci and Bill Gates (although not a woman, they are successful) they are huge fans of a leather notebook. Like me. But why? Writing things down in a notebook helps you come up with ideas, find solutions and clear your mind. To name just a few benefits. This is why I always insist on writing down everything that comes to mind. After all, it’s your greatest chance to turn your ideas into success.

Paper vs digital

Nowadays there are innumerable apps and programs to write down your ideas, thoughts and to do’s. I’m not saying you shouldn’t use this, if you want, you should definitely do it. But is one reason why people like Oprah, Bill Gates, Sheryl Sandberg, and other successful people use a notebook. With 70,000 thoughts going through your head every day on average, it is sometimes impossible to be productive. Certainly, because a large part of these thoughts is also repetitions of earlier thoughts. Not only annoying and a big jammer, but also a waste of your time. Moreover, with all those thoughts in your head, you have less room to think creatively and solve problems. Write them down and you will see that it goes better. There are 10 reasons why.

10 Reasons To Use A Leather Notebook

Increase your thinking capacity

Your brain is known to be bad at remembering things. And even if you remember something here and there, you quickly forget the details. Moreover, your brain is so busy remembering that there is no room for creativity. It costs a large part of your thinking ability to remember simple things. Therefore, teach yourself the habit of writing things down. Use your notebook as an ‘external storage’ in which you write down information, tasks, agreements and to do’s. When your brain no longer has to remember everything, you increase your brain’s ability to do other things.

Make a profit with your leather notebook

Everything you see around you once started as an idea in someone’s imagination. A well-known statement by Napoleon Hill is, therefore “Ideas are the beginning points of all fortunes.” Therefore, immediately write down all your ideas in your Best leather notebook. Before you know it you have forgotten it again and you may miss a huge opportunity to make money.

Generate even more ideas

Sometimes the only thing you need to move forward is a good idea. By writing down your ideas you ensure that you immediately capture them as soon as they occur in your head. Not every idea will be a brilliant one, but the more you write, the greater the chance that you have an idea that is worth the effort to work out. Moreover, by writing them down and reading them, you will also be brought back to new ideas.

Stimulate your thoughts

When your thoughts and ideas remain in your head, nothing happens to them. But as soon as you write them down, it stimulates other things in your brain, so that you come up with even more ideas. By writing everything together and seeing it as a whole, the penny will fall at some point and you will also see connections.

10 Reasons To Use A Leather Notebook

Stimulate the creative process

You cannot predict settings. You can sit for hours and achieve nothing, but then you are in the shower or you are cooking and suddenly all kinds of things come to mind. After all, settings do not come on command. They come when your brain is relaxed or focused on something else. When you always have your notebook at hand, you ensure that you can immediately stimulate this unpredictable process.

Hold more information

It may sound a bit old-fashioned, but various studies show that writing things down with pen and paper remembers your tasks and agreements better than when you digitally ‘write’ them down. Something happens in your brain when you are writing down with your hands in your own handwriting. Therefore, take your notebook and a pen with it and you will see that you will remember more.

No distractions

Of course, you can also take notes on your phone (or your computer or laptop). But be careful with that. Because before you know it, distraction is lurking. A notification, an interesting email or an Instagram story that comes by and before you know it you will be sucked into the online world. Productivity depends on focus. And you hold that focus much better if you write something down with pen and paper.


Very often you do not immediately do something with an idea or thought that comes to mind. By collecting them and writing them down in your notebook you can take them up again later. By writing down you record everything so that you can later analyze your information and reflect on your thoughts.

Never lose anything again

Will your thoughts always flow with you at the most awkward moments and moments when things really turn out to be wrong? If you cannot write something down immediately and you have to trust your memory, you will notice that parts disappear. Super sin. Write them down and they will stay with you forever!

Get to know yourself better

A Journal is a very powerful method to reflect on what you have experienced and to get in touch with your feelings. It helps you to deal with challenges, negativity, and dilemmas. There are various ways of journaling. Look for the way that suits you best. You can write a few pages every morning (following the example of Julia Cameron) or you can use prompts. You can even just start writing and reflect on what you have experienced or done. No matter how you do it, I am sure you will be surprised at how much it brings you.

10 Reasons To Use A Leather Notebook

Your Notebook  Always on hand

In whatever way you write things down in your notebook or whatever kind of notebook you use, use one that feels good to you. All the successful people I mentioned earlier use their notebook in a different way. What they do have in common is that it helps to organize their thoughts and keep their heads still when they are busy and want to create time.

Barjunaid Cadir is a Content Writer in The Weekly Trends, Web Developer, SEO Content Manager, LinkedIn Specialist, Social Media Manager, and a University Researcher at Anadolu University in Eskisehir, Turkey.