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10 Reasons Why Christmas in July Is the Best Time of the Year



10 Reasons Why Christmas in July Is the Best Time of the Year

A warm, delightful Christmas dinner with snowflake decorations all-around your house when there’s a mild snowfall outside stirs up the classic Christmas spirit. But how it’s like to celebrate Christmas at the beach in summer?

As an island from Northern Hemisphere, Australia gets to celebrate Christmas twice a year! Yes, we are talking about Yulefest or “Christmas in July”. Although nothing can beat the original Christmas on 25 December, Aussie people look forward to bring all the Christmassy joy in July, the coldest month of the year. Since winter has a relatively short lifespan in Australia, “Christmas in July” kindles the coldest season to become the most festively benevolent time we count days for.

There are a lot of reasons why Christmas in July is just great. Here are the most iconic 10 reasons to get your excited for this winter.


“Traditional” Blue Mountains Yulefest

The Blue Mountain in July is beyond magical. With a long-standing Blue Mountain tradition of Yulefest, July or “Christmas in July” is the perfect time to celebrate the occasion with friends, food and spicy mulled wine around the log crackling fire, under the blue sky at the beautiful mountain valleys.
The festivity for the Blue Mountain Yulefest is very much wholesome, with trees and carols, roast turkey roulade dinner and Santa himself!


Delicious Christmas Desserts

The traditional Christmas in July comes with five-course degustation of most enriched and savoring dinner which complements with toffee apple cleanser, chocolate truffles and the most iconic conventional plum pudding in fancy molds! For all the dessert lovers, the luscious plum pudding is all set to be splurged! No wonder, to get indulged in these moist, fruity and flavorsome bites of plum pudding in chilly weather- Christmas in July is the best of all times!


Bottom’s Up!

Generous pours of wine and cheers of champagne glasses- Christmas in July is the most tempting season of the year for the joy, warmth, comfort and most of all- unlimited cocktail parties! It’s also the time of the year when you make your customized liquor infused with your favorite mixes, like raspberry, honey, cherry, strawberry, cinnamon and so on!


Ugly Jumper Show

When temperatures nudge 40 degrees Celsius regularly, bringing up your old embarrassing jumpers and sweaters from the last corner of your closet and throwing a jumper competition is a classic Christmas whoopee of all ages. You can make categories of the jumpers too, like- the ugliest, the funniest, the tackiest, the gaudiest, etc. This is the only time of the year when you can’t wait to have the ugliest wardrobe!


Meeting the Four-Legged Friends

One of the most traditional customs of “Christmas in July” or Yulefest is to show solidarity towards all the parts of nature. Only this time of the year, you take your family members, friends and kids close to mother nature and show gratitude towards the woodland creatures by feeding them and petting them or, rescuing them by providing necessary aiding. Even in the chilliest times, Christmas in July keeps your heart warm, and mind woke.


Gratitude in Letters

You barely get to put your thoughts into how amazing your life is and grateful you are to have your family beside you. Christmas in July is what brings you closer to members once again around the year. All the family members gather around and write your good memories in the past one year, things you’re grateful for in letters. Later, you read your emotions aloud along with others and hang the notes of good wishes on a Yule tree.


A Great Fundraising Opportunity

When you’re a little too busy summer vacationing and enjoying the actual Christmas with your family and dear ones, Christmas in July or the “white Christmas” is the perfect time for you to get involved in community work and fundraising opportunities. With your creative and innovative Christmas themed fundraising ideas, you can increase the individual charitable donations and grow your supporters in your neighborhood more than ever!


All the Fun Things with Snow

Snowfall is the most dazzling show gifted by nature. Millions of white, swirling flakes floating around and silently covering the world with a white blanket- everything about snowfall is just fascinating.
And Christmas in July brings you the joy of making the best out of winter with all the exciting outdoor activities- building a snowman, sledding, skiing, snowball fighting, hula hooping- to name a few, the list can go on forever!


Snowy Road- with Christmas Sparkles All-Around

The first thing that springs to mind while thinking about Christmas in freezing temperature is the entrancing beauty of Christmas decorations at snowy streets, decks its lanes with colorful lights and the sounds of Christmas carols.
Loading up on your eggnog and taking a slow walk around the streets is one of the best feelings to experience in “Christmas in July”. There is stunning Christmas illumination around the roads of Quakers Hill, Erskine Park, Constitution Hill, Baulkham Hills, Lane Cove from North, Roseland, Pitt Street, etc.


Snuggle Up for Netflix Binge

Winter and Christmas- a perfect combo for all of us to get into your blanket and binge watch movies while loudly slurping your latte. No distraction, no good reason to get out of your bed either, spending quality time with the favorite movies or series you love is just perfect to take you away to the warmth that’s to come.

In Australia, winter comes in with the shortest lifespan. To make the best out of this wonderful season we all yearn for throughout the year, Christmas in July or Yulefest is undoubtedly the most festive way to celebrate- filled with delicious food, families, and friends!

Starc Maxwell is a freelance writer, social media marketer, and an independent blogger who is endearment to writes about finance, technology, food, and sustainability. Currently, he is writing content for the Casey North Community Information & Support Service. They have been providing free local community services to all members of the City of Casey.