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10 Tips to Make Your Wall Decals Stand Out



Wall Decals Stand Out

People like to beautify the place where they live; it could be a home, office or any other setting. Bringing new and fresh changes in a room, living space, or drawing room gives positive feelings about spending time in them. Most of the people think decorating their houses with modern furniture, showcases, and paintings are the only ways to bring an effective change. They hardly think of giving their walls a make-over.

The business of signage latest trends and wall arts is on the rise. Wall decals have become famous in the last few years. These artworks are made of laminated paper or matt vinyl. They come in one-sided adhesive patterns that are available in wall borders, customized cut-outs, words, sayings, or murals.

Decals come in different styles; it could either be in the form of a small art covering some part of the wall or it could even cover the entire wall surface. The best designers are making customized themes of wall arts to meet their clients’ needs. Now we will give you 10 tips to make your wall decals stand out:

1. Decide the Wall for Decoration

The first thing you should take into consideration before thinking of applying a particular wall decal is to decide where you want to place that art. This is necessary because the artwork that you order might not suit or fit the wall you want to use it on. Therefore, it’s imperative to decide the wall first, then choose the design.

2. Look for New Trends of Artwork

After you have decided on the placement of the artwork, the second step is to search for fresh and trendy designs. You should get an idea about the new styles and the ones which will suit your wall. Pinterest is one of the widely used online places to look for new ideas for drawings.

3. Collect a Few Samples of Artwork

Once you have got inspirations from the new designs, show these ideas to your preferred vendor. Ask for samples of your artworks from that service provider to judge the quality of their finished product.

4. Measure the size of the Space

The prices of decals vary according to different sizes. Therefore, measure the size of your wall before ordering a decal. If your wall is big and all empty, then you can go with an artwork that covers the entire surface. If it’s small, then you can adjust the size of the wall sticker accordingly.

5. Select Art based on Room Type

Different rooms will need different kinds of wall decals based on the unique moods of the people in them and the purpose of those settings. For example, there will be different designs for bedroom, living room, kitchen, bathroom, and office.

6. Select Relevant Colors

Colors play a key role in determining the effectiveness of the design. They connect with individuals at the sub-conscious levels and set their emotions. If you are not sure about the right color for your wall art, you can always consult the professional custom decals providers.

7. Keep the Surface Clean

Once you have decided on a particular decal for your wall, make sure to clean the surface of the target wall. It will not only remove the dirt from the wall but also help you paste your sticker on it with ease.

8. Fine-tune the Art Placement

Double-check whether the selected art will look good on your wall or not. Most of the decals can’t be used again so be careful before pasting it on the wall directly. Tape the artwork temporarily on the wall through paper support to avoid sticking of the art on the wall. Confirm the right positioning from a family member or a friend standing behind you.

9. Complete the Art Placement

Make markings on the wall with the help of a pencil and ruler depending upon the positioning you have already set in the previous step.

10. Set the Art

Place the artwork based on the guidelines you have finalized in the last step. Remove decal’s protective cover. Fix and stick it to the selected area of the wall carefully. Take some time until the art is completely pasted on the wall.

Selecting the right wall and respective decal with the right colors are the most important steps among all mentioned above. Just select the right signage or sign promotion company to create creative wall decals, or other signage material for promoting or getting a unique identity.