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12 Grooming Habits of Successful Men



Grooming Habits of Successful Men

We’ve come a long way since the days when just running a comb through your hair was enough. Today’s man knows that good personal grooming is not about vanity, it’s about making the best impression you can.

Below we’ve listed the 12 grooming habits that successful men adopt to ensure they’re always looking their best, ready to get out there and get stuff done. 

Why well-groomed men are more successful at work

Not only does a well-groomed man look more confident, he feels more confident about himself too. And that goes a long way to being able to successfully handle anything that comes his way.

Good personal grooming communicates that you care about yourself and you have a healthy self-esteem.

In short, you look and feel as though you could achieve anything you set your mind to – and everyone around you can sense it too.

Develop a daily routine

When it comes to the details, consistency is the key.

Taking care of your personal grooming every single day will have a far greater effect on your appearance than a one-off blitz, followed by weeks of neglect.

So it’s best to adopt a consistent grooming maintenance routine that is quick, simple and won’t take up too much time in the bathroom.

With that in mind, here are the habits to adopt to become impeccably groomed.

12 habits to adopt to win the day

Always smell nice

One of the first things you’ll notice about a well-groomed man is that he smells good. Try to find your own signature scent, but always use it sparingly. Subtlety is paramount! Experiment with a couple of classic scents to find one that you love; one that will instantly remind others of you and the way you make them feel. Rather than the obvious choices, explore some of the niche brands for something that is unique to you. 

Take care of your smile

Nothing says confidence like a genuine, easy smile so take really good care of your teeth every day. Invest in a good electronic toothbrush to get them super clean, floss daily and, it goes without saying, always make sure your breath is fresh. 

Become a regular at the barbers

Find a barber that you trust, and stick with them. Book regular appointments in advance, and you’ll know that your hair is always going to look good.

Use the right products for your hair

The correct shampoo and styling products for your hair type can make all the difference to how your hair looks in between barber visits. Your barber is an excellent source of advice on which products will suit your style best.

And remember not to be too aggressive when shampooing. Your hair is at its most vulnerable when it’s wet, so always treat it with respect in the shower.

Clean your face every day, preferably twice a day

The best way to keep your skin clear and healthy is to wash it every day. Washing in the morning will freshen you up, and remove any sweat or excess sebum that has built up in the night. And in the evening it will get rid of any pollutants, dirt, and sebum from the day. Try the Sulphate-Free Daily Face Wash from Baxter of California for a gentle cleanser that’s suitable for all skin types.

Moisturize your skin well

Aside from holding back premature aging, moisturizing your skin every day and keeping it well hydrated will improve elasticity, make your skin more resilient, reduce fine lines and generally give you a much healthier look.

And if your skin is already oily it’s even more important to moisturize every day.

Try to choose a moisturizer with anti-aging benefits like the lightweight OTIS SKINCARE Fluide Hydratant which contains Hyaluronic Acid and the anti-aging peptide Matrixyl® 

Exfoliate regularly

Removing dead skin cells is essential for clear, healthy skin. In addition, it makes for an easier, smoother shave, and lessens the chance of in-grown hairs.

Choose from a gentle exfoliating face wash which includes a chemical exfoliator that you can use every day, or opt for a facial scrub (like Kiehl’ Facial Fuel Energizing Scrub), which you should limit to once or twice a week.

Learn to shave perfectly

Shaving is a skill and one that is worth learning. Get expert advice from your barber as to the best way to do this. A lot can depend on the thickness and growth pattern of your beard, and he will be able to instruct you as to the best way to shave for you. Choose a shaving cream with a high glycerin content like OTIS SKINCARE Protective Shave Cream that will nourish and protect your skin, and minimize any redness and irritation. The last thing you need as you head into a meeting is razor rash!

Take care of facial hair

Whatever look you’re going for if you’re sporting facial hair it should always be trimmed and carefully maintained. Use a beard trimmer, and invest in good beard oil to keep it soft and itch-free.

Tame those eyebrows – and other stray hairs

Again, this is something that your barber can do for you, but in-between visits make sure you keep some tweezers and small scissors handy to keep brows tidy and under control. A quick check in the mirror before you head out in the morning is a good idea, just to make sure there are no stray hairs anywhere else. You know where to find them!

Have beautiful hands

You know to keep your hands and nails clean at all times. Running a nail brush under nails each morning will ensure this. Cut nails regularly and use good hand cream on cuticles too. Once in a while, it pays to have a professional manicure, just to keep your cuticles looking really smooth.

Wear sunscreen every day

UV rays are the skin’s worst enemy, causing premature aging and cellular damage. So protecting yourself from the sun is one of the best things you can do for your skin. It’s important to use every day; even on cloudy days, the UV rays can cause damage.

And finally,

Always try to adopt good, healthy habits – get plenty of sleep, drink lots of water and eat a healthy, varied diet.

And avoid bad ones – don’t smoke, and avoid heavy drinking. No amount of good grooming can mitigate the effects of these two!

Sandra Scott-Allen is the founder of Otis Skincare, the creators of simple, effective anti-aging skincare designed for men.

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