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4 Easy Fixes For Common Road Trip Problems



4 Easy Fixes For Common Road Trip Problems

When you decide to cruise the freeways and head for adventures with your car, you first need to understand that cars are flawed machines. They often break down and there’s always something wrong with them. However, this only happens when you don’t show them the attention they deserve. 

An unprepared car won’t fare well on a very long road trip. This is why it’s important to prep your car and deal with any issues that might arrive later. 

1. Weak Windshield Wipers

Very few people pay attention to their windshield wipers, even though their job is of the utmost importance. Whenever you find yourself in a heavy storm, you can count on the wipers to do their job and give you visibility. It’s a lifesaving feature of every car, which is why it should be maintained well. 

If you notice that your wipers are dangling more than usual or they aren’t cleaning just right, it might be time to adjust them. They are easy to fix as long as there are no key structural issues. On the other hand, you can always buy yourself some new ones and make sure that they function properly in heavy rainfall. This kind of visibility could save your life.

2. Blown Tyres

It’s not really a road trip if you don’t end up with a flat tire at least once. Making our way through some rough roads, we’ve had our fair share of blown-out tires. They aren’t a big inconvenience when you know how to replace one. Luckily for us, we didn’t get stranded

However, a lot of people don’t tell you that you need to keep your spare tire well maintained. If you put a faulty tire on the car, it’s not going to pair better than a blow out one, especially after a lot of driving. Take two spare tires in case you end up with some bad luck. It’s good to be prepared for the worst.

3. Losing the Keys

The key to your car is your most valuable item. Without it, you’re pretty much stuck wherever you’ve decided to temporarily park. This can be detrimental to the whole atmosphere of the trip. Imagine not being able to start your car while stuck at a random gas station halfway to the other side of the country. Spare keys would do you a lot of good, simply because yours might get lost in the cushions of the seats.

Sometimes, you might have your keys but they won’t start the car. When you try to put it into the ignition and it just doesn’t want to turn on, you’ve run into an even worse problem. If none of the keys works, you might be stranded unless you decide to call for help from a tow truck or a near mobile locksmith service.

4. Striking Pre-Emptively

People don’t like being told that they should fix up their car. After all, it’s your vehicle and it runs just fine the way it is, right? However, small repairs and touch-ups aren’t just recommended for the sake of looking nice or having a perfect car, they also reduce the chance that anything will happen to your car during the road trip.

It’s one thing to drive around the city and stop every twenty minutes or so. Our car doesn’t break down from taking the kids to school, but that’s a relatively short trip. When you’re going on the road, you can be sure that your car will be pushed to its limits. High speeds and rough terrain can easily lead to faults getting emphasized in a vehicle. 


Spending some time on the road can give you a very nice perspective on life, especially when you do it with your family. You might encounter a couple of hiccups along the way, but nothing is impossible to salvage when you’re on the road. Follow some of these tips and you can be sure that your trip will go off without a jiffy.