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4 Of The Best Corporate Event Entertainment Ideas



4 Of The Best Corporate Event Entertainment Ideas

Every corporate event has an agenda, a not-so-secret purpose that’s supposed to bring you one step closer to the goal (whatever it may be). However, in order for a corporate event to be a successful one, it can’t be all business. All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy, which is why you need to figure out how to lighten the mood a bit. This is the main reasons why more and more Australian entrepreneurs are seriously investing in entertainment for their corporate events. Now, there are some quite interesting entertainment ideas that are suitable for a corporate event. With that in mind and without further ado, here are four suggestions that you might want to try out for your next corporate event.

An immersive experience

The first thing you need to understand is the fact that the overall experience might just be the most important thing about the entire event. Think about it, if boosting loyalty is your main objective, what you want to create is a beautiful memory, that will evoke a pleasant emotion every time one of the event’s attendees remembers your brand. To achieve this, you need to get your entire squad on board and start a serious brainstorming session. Getting out a red carpet and making every single visitor feel like a VIP is probably the effect that you should aim for.

More than a DJ

When it comes to the question of entertainment, a lot of people settle for a simple question of a DJ. The truth is that there’s so much more than you can do. Moreover, these two options are far from all that you should consider. You see, by going through a reputable entertainment agency in Sydney, you can get in touch with some talented solo acoustic artists for hire. This is just ideal for smaller events and venues and can create a unique and memorable corporate event experience. This can be one feature that will make you unique when compared to others.

A menu with a character

Speaking about the menu, a lot of people organizing corporate events see it merely as an important item on the list. What they fail to realize is the fact that the choice of the menu might set the entire tone of the event, even determine its future course. Depending on the time of day that you’re organizing the event at, you might want to go with an evening or a morning set. Also, if there’s a major holiday just behind the corner, you can go with a seasonal menu that will play strongly on a nostalgia card, thus making the entire tone of the event a lot warmer. Needless to say, you also need to invest in the decoration to match.

Something extra

Lastly, if you’re really determined to use something that no one else has, there are so many entertainment ideas for you to try out. For instance, instead of regular dancers, you can darken the room and hire some LED dancers instead. You can also hire a magician or a celebrity lookalike to go around and entertain people, often even pose for a photograph. Keep in mind, though, that some of these ideas may not be ideal for some of the more formal events.

In conclusion

Depending on how formal the event is (casual, black-tie or white-tie event) there are some ideas that might be inappropriate or over-the-top, still, this is the question that only you can find an answer to. The most important piece of advice for you to adhere to is the fact that you’re not choosing entertainment for yourself but for your target demographic. Therefore, doing some research beforehand may set you on the right path and save you from some unnecessary inconveniences along the way.

Alexis is a Sydney-based part-time writer and a full-time mom of two. Her words carry the richness of her travelling and parenting adventures, offer advice and inspiration to those who desire to improve their lives. Outside of the office, she takes pleasure in spending precious time with her youngsters and absorbing the happiness they constantly radiate.