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5 best camping destinations in Maharashtra





Maharashtra is a region full of vast cultural heritage, ambiance, and sites full of life. The city life in Maharashtra is what travelers long for residing in the bustling cities that are home to many working migrants. The bustling cities provide a very busy lifestyle due to which the desire for peace and relaxation grows, hence Maharashtra is also loaded with some of the most beautiful Camping destinations which are full of excitement. 


There are numerous well-known sites for sightseeing and there are adventurous camps offered by the place. There you will get to feel the tingling feeling due to the excitement of the location as well as relaxation due to the surreal natural beauty away from busy city life. 


Best time to visit Maharashtra

The best period to travel to this wonderful destination for adventurous camping is from October to February. During this period, many parts of Maharashtra have hot and dry climates yet not scrounging hot which enable the trekkers to relish their expedition to the fullest. The eastern regions of the state experience little rainfall which makes the atmosphere more pleasant for trekking giving birth to many incredible waterfalls. 

The serene nature during this time is enthralling and captivating for the trekkers. 

Some of the best camping destinations in Maharashtra are:-


Pawna lake camping 

Camping at Pawna lake provides travelers with an extreme lakeside camping experience. Pawna lake’s serene natural beauty enhances due to the presence of some prodigal historical forts. It is the perfect option for travelers looking forward to relishing camping courtesies near Lonavala.

The best season to visit and enjoy the Pawna lake camping destination is from October to February because the aesthetic beauty during this time is fascinating and this time there is no scorching heat to make you uncomfortable. And roaming around the lake in mildly cold weather boosts its natural beauty and enriches the relaxing sensation furnished by the aesthetic scenery. 

Pawna lake is best for camping due to the vast area near the lake for prepping up a tent, cooking, or leisurely taking pleasure in a campfire near the beauty of the lake amidst vast flora and fauna.


Kundalika rafting camp

The Kundalika rafting camp is perfect for everyone looking for excitement in the center of nature’s lush retreats. It is the famous hub for all adventure enthusiasts, being only a couple of hours’ drive from Mumbai. Motivate yourself by participating in several activities at the campsite. There are comfortable tents obtainable, with two or three shared bases to select from. Relax and relish this outstanding escape away from the monotony of daily life.


Bhandardara Camping

Bhandardara is a famous tourist destination because of its natural beauty and neighboring attractions such as notable hills, waterfalls, and sights such as the Wilson Dam and Arthur Lake. Camping in Bhandardara Lake pitches into an incredible and relaxing experience for you and your loved ones. The campsite offers you to stay in one of the most stunning and popular camping and picnic locations in the area for nature enthusiasts. Take advantage of this favorably enjoyable camping session at Igatpuri and be enthralled by the western ghats’ boundless splendor.


Alibaugh camping

Camping is an activity that will provide you with pleasure and an enthralling sensation that will make you forget the world. If your camping destination is Alibaug then it becomes even more fun and thrilling. At alibaug, there are varied choices to make among all the camping options.


Revdanda beach or Nagaon beaches are prominent for the camping expedition at the site of Alibaug. While camping at the beaches of Alibaug you can take pleasure in the sunset at the beach which can be an idle romantic setup for couples to relish some much-needed quality time. Stay in cozy, clean, and hygienic tents with a stunning view of the beach and the vast Arabian Sea.

Make your stay more fascinating through indoor-outdoor games and a generous campfire with music will increase the joy of your visit. Tourists can even relish an open-air Bollywood movie screening with a projector and speakers, this can be a promising feeling with friends and family.


Kalsubai camping 

Kalsubai is a small town in the state of Maharashtra, perched at an elevation of about 5400 ft above sea level. This destination is effortlessly reachable from both Mumbai and Pune. The trek provides a mesmerizing view of all the marvels of nature such as waterfalls, forests, meadows, grasslands, and many more spectacular sites. 

The Kalsubai camping nourishes views of various well-known forts like Alang, Madan, and Kulang. The treks to these mountains are fairly formidable. Many skilled trekkers combine these treks for more adventure.

The Kalsubai trek is also an exceptionally well-known night trek. Trekkers flock here for the magnificent views of the sunrise and the serene beauty of nature.



Maharashtra is full of natural beauty and sites to the camp is situated amidst the serene natural beauty. The camping sites in Maharashtra will give you an intriguing experience filled with adventure, excitement, and relaxation. These camping sites will make a permanent place in your memories, these sites will enable you to forget all your worries and enjoy yourself to the fullest. 

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