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5 Best Family Vacations and Trips for All Ages



5 Best Family Vacations and Trips for All Ages

With thousands of beautiful places to choose from, singling out the perfect vacation or trip idea can be a mammoth task. If you are traveling with kids or seniors then planning out a fantastic holiday becomes very tricky. But you need to look no further. Here are the five best vacations and trips that you can take while traveling with people of all ages.


1. Amsterdam, Netherlands

The first thing that strikes you after you get off at Schiphol Airport is the greenery of the place. The roads from the airport to the city center are flanked on both sides by lush green farms where you will see magnificent horses galloping and cows grazing lazily. You will also see the world-famous modern and old-style windmills spinning all along the roads. During March, April, and May, tourists from all over the world come to admire the tulips of the Keukenhof Gardens in Amsterdam. It is no ordinary garden; Keukenhof boasts over seven million tulip bulbs every spring, and they come in over eight hundred varieties! Take a leisurely stroll through the thirty-two hectares of landscaped gardens, or get photographed in a boat in one of the lakes at Keukenhof! The Netherlands is a country famous for its cheese and its wooden shoes. Visit the cheese and shoe factories to know more about centuries-old traditions of cheese and wooden shoemaking. One of the major attractions of the Netherlands is Madurodam, an amusement park in the Hague which features numerous, intricately detailed miniature replicas of major Dutch landmarks. You can reach this place in about an hour from Amsterdam. The best way to explore Amsterdam in all its historical glory is by a canal cruise tour. As you cruise down the canal ways of the city, you can listen to an audio guide describe the various sights that you see, along with with the significance of the architecture of the houses along the canals, the history of old buildings and bridges, and interesting facts about the city. If you are into adventure sports, hire a bicycle to ride around town! The Dutch love traveling by cycle and you’ll see designated cycle tracks all around the city. A trip to Amsterdam is one of the best vacations for all ages.


2. Brussels, Belgium


The stunning city of Brussels is the capital of Belgium as well as of the European Union. It is known for its remarkable architectural and historical landmarks as well as for its culinary delights! The Atomium is the most famous tourist attraction in Brussels. An astonishing 102m tall, it is a museum modeled after the structure of an iron crystal magnified 165 billion times. The other major attraction is Grand Place, which is the central square of Brussels. It is surrounded by lavish guildhalls. The most recognizable buildings at Grand Place are the beautiful Town Hall and the King’s House. Close by is the very famous bronze statue Manneken Pis. This adorable sculpture of a naked boy urinating is a symbol of the rebellious spirit of Brussels. The walkway from Grand Place to Manneken Pis has many chocolateries where you can enjoy the world-famous Belgian chocolate and Belgian waffles! Brussels has a lot to see for tourists of all ages.


3. Melbourne, Australia


With world-class theatre, arts, museums, architectural wonders, food and adventurous activities, Melbourne is a combination of everything you might want as a tourist on vacation! Enjoy stunning views of the city from a bird’s eye view on a hot air balloon ride! You could go kayaking on the Yarra River, enjoying the views as the water winds its way through the suburbs. The fine dining experiences, bistros, and cafes put a delicious gastronomical universe within your reach. Traveling in the city is very easy if you rent a vehicle for the time of your stay. Installing a Subaru roof rack on your Subaru Forester is a good idea if you are planning for long road trips. A roof rack would allow you to carry your luggage comfortably. for your vehicle, if you have a lot of bags to carry. 

You can hit a dirt bike trail in Melbourne if you want an adrenaline-pumping getaway! 

If you want to find motorcycle accessories, Melbourne is the place to go. 

Get closer to nature with visits to the Melbourne Zoo and the Royal Botanic Gardens. You can also take a day out of the city to spend time in nearby redwood forests of Victoria. 


4. Venice, Italy

The island city of Europe, Venice is famous all over the world for its unique architecture and water canals. The city comprises of rustic Italian buildings spread over a hundred islands joined together by four hundred beautiful footbridges, the idea being, when you cross a bridge, you change islands. See the “alleys” of Venice on a calm gondola ride on the sparkling emerald waters. You can also visit a glass blowing factory to see the process of creation of intricate Venetian glass objects. Shop for the world-famous elaborate Venetian masks in the city. You can get a tour of the city’s rich history, and admire the iconic old Venetian architecture at St. Mark’s Square. The Bridge of Sighs and Saint Mark’s Basilica are amongst the main attractions here. If you are lucky, you can catch street musicians playing romantic ballads on violins and guitars in the evenings. Venice is an excellent vacation spot for tourists of all ages.


5. Paris, France

Paris! This city needs no introduction. The city of art, fashion, and all things creative, Paris is one of the most famous cities in the world. It has historical gems hidden away throughout the city. The magnificent architecture of the old Napoleonic buildings is embellished with symbolism down to the last detail! You can visit the Eiffel tower during the day to bask in its glory; the Eiffel also offers the best panoramic views of the neatly planned city. At night, the Eiffel is bathed in royal gold lights which makes this landmark even more stunning, not to mention the tiny twinkling lights that dazzle the tourists at the beginning of every hour. You can get a portrait of yourself made by Parisian street artists at various tourist spots throughout Paris. You can see the most famous painting in the world, the Mona Lisa, at the Louvre Museum. The Louvre houses some of the most important art, sculptures, historical artifacts, and antiques of the world. Paris has a lot more to explore for tourists of all ages.



These are the five best family vacations and trips for all ages. Vacationers touring these cities have endless opportunities to have fun with the whole family. A trip to these cities is sure to help you channel your inner adventurer and get hit by a strong sense of wanderlust!  Pack your bags and get your cameras ready to capture memories of the best days of your life. 

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