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5 Fantastic Benefits of Beard Balm That Will Amaze You



5 Fantastic Benefits of Beard Balm That Will Amaze You

If you have decided to grow a beard and mustaches or are in the process of growing it, you have probably heard that your “must have” product for proper grooming is the beard balm. Yet, you are not sure what it is, how it is used and, most importantly, you wonder if it will make your beard oily. Well, settle in and read about this essential product and be amazed at how you didn’t know anything about it before.

  1.    It Has Only Natural Ingredients

The beard balm is made from natural ingredients. No harmful chemicals are included in the formula, only essential oils such as Cedarwood and Black Pepper along with beeswax and butter. The best beard balm will also have a mixture of creams of exotic waxes together with essential oils such as Patchouli & Palmarosa. To better understand the ingredients, here is what the most amazing benefit of each is.

The beeswax will style your beard but won’t be as strong as the beard waxes are which is completely fine because you don’t want to dry your facial hair with potent waxes. The beeswax will moisturize the beard as well. The butter is mainly made from cocoa and shea and it provides an ample amount of moisture. The essential oils, on the other hand, provide the aroma and the irresistible feeling.

  1.    No Beardruff

Beardruff is beard dandruff and it is perhaps the least attractive thing about growing a beard. It happens to every man because it is a natural process. What happens is your skin produces sebum oil and when you grow a beard, the hairs will take the whole sebum oil produced until then and will need more and more. Because it won’t be enough (your sebaceous glands won’t be able to produce more sebum oil) the hairs in your beard will start drying out. And the area of the skin will begin to flake and become irritable producing beardruff.

In order to get rid of it, the beard balm will make sure your skin and hairs are at all times moisturized. It will coat the hair and the beeswax will make sure that it will be encased within the hair follicle.

  1.    It Makes Your Beard Soft

Beards can be scruffy, scratchy and never soft if you don’t take care of it the right way. By using beard balm your beard will be soft and nice to touch. The best beard balm will not only soften the beard but also every hair will be in place. There will be no split ends and the beard will never look as healthy.

  1.    It Promotes Beard Growth

Another excellent benefit from the beard balm is that it contains vitamin E which promotes healthy beard growth. It will also make it shinier. The fact that Vitamin E prevents premature greying and anti-aging of the hair makes it obvious that its presence in the formula of the beard balm is compulsory.

  1.    You Can Wear It Everywhere

The beard balms are usually supplied in an aluminum tin with a screw top lid which makes it very convenient to take with you and easily use it everywhere you go. There is no need to apply a huge amount of it, just a thumbnail size amount, first rub it onto the palm and once it is fully melted you can massage it into the beard starting at the root of the hair continuing down to the end of your beard.



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