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5 Food Swaps Where You Should Eat the Donut Instead



Donut Shop

There is a donut shop in Lahore at every corner and that too for a good reason. American desserts are popular all over the world but the most famous and classic American dessert are donuts! These donuts are fluffy, chewy and fulfilling in the best possible way. The donuts come glazed and they come in all shapes and sizes. The filled donuts are a whole other story.


Dunkin donuts in Lahore are everywhere and they have amassed a huge following. This classic joint has coffee and donuts everywhere and they are popular with everyone for their popular flavors. This article is our favorite because in this you can find food swaps where you can opt for the most delicious donuts instead.


Want to get your Dunkin donuts groove on? Here’s where you can swap food for it instead:


So What Do We Mean By Food Swaps?

The question should never be whether you should have the donut or not. This is because you need to always say yes to the donut. Trying to be healthy can be tough which is why you need to sometimes let loose and have fun. Donuts should always be on hand whenever you want a quick bite of something sweet. Healthy foods are good but donuts are not something that is sinful.

The food industry has been tricking us for years by giving us alternatives to this and that. However, when you control something intensely and then make it something bad, you might get more tempted to eat it anyway. In this day and age,  dieters and conscious eaters think they can eat stuff in the name of low fat, gluten free, and reduced calorie. These are just fluff terms that don’t really mean anything. For example, just like we say decaf coffee but most decaf coffees from cafes have insanely high amounts of caffeine. This should tell you that nothing is what it is for real in this day and age hence, you should treat yourself with the right sweet thing then which is always donuts!

Sugar Is The Answer To Everything

Sugar is used in pretty much everything and it makes your food taste better. Inject even the most cardboard-tasting things with sugar and they will taste amazing. Donuts are mostly extremely sugary but what makes the famous ones even better is the fact that they taste balanced. But there is also an issue which is that Americans are consuming a lot of sugar nowadays which may be a lot more than the right amount.

How Much Should We Be Consuming?

The American Heart Association suggests that people should not be consuming more than 9 teaspoons of sugar a day and women on the contrary should not consume more than 6 teaspoons. This is where the funny part comes in because women actually are more likely to develop a sweet tooth. But do you know how many teaspoons we are actually consuming a day? It’s more than 20.

This is why your favorite donut shop in Lahore is a sinful place and it can often be unhealthy. But these massive teaspoons do not mostly come from your donuts rather from other things that you are fooled into believing are not that sweet.

 In this article you will find out how dunkin donuts in Lahore fare against other foods. This is to say how their sugar amount, converted to teaspoons, is just as much as other foods.

1. Dried Fruit Swap

Dunkin donuts have just as much sugar as your favorite dry fruits! These dry fruits may be good for you however, these are just as sugary and unhealthy as junk food or extremely sweet things. They are not the same thing as fruits because dry fruits can add a lot more sugar to them.

This is also because dry fruits are concentrated and compressed which makes the effect of everything more inflated. This effect also transfers to sugar! The amount and the concentration of sugar in it also enhances. Moreover, you will often find these dry fruits have a coat of sugar too.

Keep this in mind: One serving (1/4 cup) of your favorite dry fruits may contain the sugar equivalent of 7 donuts from Dunkin,

2. “Skinny Ice Creams” Are Not Healthier

Here’s another hoax of this day and age, add ‘skinny’ to something and people will think it is healthy. That is neither true nor helpful. Skinny ice creams are an example of people trying to cover up the fact that they are using the same amount of sugar but trying to market the product as healthy. Here’s how you can understand this better: 1 Skinny Caramel Vanilla Cone would have the equivalent of 4 donuts from Dunkin.

3. Fruit Yogurt Swap Makes Sense

Fruit yogurts are praised at this time as a convenient and healthy breakfast. But we’re sorry to burst your bubble! These fruit yogurts are full to the brim with sugar. These commercials that promise these yogurts are a healthy quick boost of energy are also fooling you. The pastel cups and the flavors have a whole lot of sugar that you should not turn towards. Keep this in mind again that just one cup of flavored yogurt will have sugar equivalent to 7 donuts from Dunkin. Imagine if you just eat one donut to satisfy your craving, you would be faring much better!

4. Energy Bars Are More Like Sugar Bars

On another level of convenient breakfasts, you can find energy bars who are the convenient option to fill your tummy up in no time. However, these energy bars also have a whole bucket of sugar that will escape your mind. For example, one energy bar will have sugar the amount of 7 donuts from a donut shop in Lahore.

5. Granola Is Not Healthier

Nope, the hippie-lifestyle that feeds on granola will not be better. The Dunkin donuts from Lahore will have less sugar than your resident granola brand. These granola are basically a synonym for sugar-caramelized oats. 

Hence, next time you want to reach out for granola, better stick to Dunkin donuts instead.