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5 Qualities That Will Lead to A Happier Life



Let’s face it. Living in this day and age is stressful.

Our phones are buzzing constantly, we’re getting notifications from Facebook every minute and it seems like our uncles are on a diabolical plan to send us the most random videos on Whatsapp.
Enduring this onslaught of information can make us feel overwhelmed, burnt out and even depressed. All it leaves us begging for is a true genuine connection in the end.

So I’ve devised 5 qualities that will help you in cultivating a happy & fulfilled life:

#1) Gratitude

Practicing gratitude helps us see the good in any situation and allows to overcome any challenges in life. If you’re not feeling “successful enough, pretty enough or smart enough” then start counting your blessings and you’ll see that life isn’t so bad. By also training our mind to see the good in everything we begin to experience the goodness in everything!

#2) Kindness

Practicing kindness allows us to develop our empathetic abilities and to be able to develop a sense of altruism in the world. Just smiling at someone can make their day!

#3) Humility

When we practice humility we create a space of curiosity in our heart and mind which allows us to develop more meaningful interactions with others. Practicing humility means to look within ourselves and see that we are not the center of the universe. Arrogance has been the downfall of many great people and we need to be humble once again.
As Jesse Jackson once said famously about humility: “Never look down on anybody unless you’re helping them up.”

#4) Purpose

Finding your anchor. Ask yourself “what is something in this world that I stand for and will go to the ends of the earth for?”. That is your anchor. It can be your family, friends, values. Things which you are passionate about.

#5) Service

Service is how you serve the world. Finding ways in which you help your community or those around you. When you serve the world is when you are truly fulfilled. As Muhammad Ali said, “Our service to humanity is our price for rent on this earth.”

Call to action

Start your day out with these in your awareness and see how big of an impact it makes in your life.

Have an awesome week!

I'm a Coach who specializes in Emotional Healing. I help people find deeper connection within themselves and those around them, helping them improve their outcomes on their business, relationships, and personal life.

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