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5 Steps To Handle Dog Bite Injuries Legally





Dogs are regarded as man’s best friends for a reason. These canine buddies are fun to be with and they make great pets. However, if not properly trained, these furry friends can harm people. 

Usually, dog bites can result in serious injuries that might need some stitches or vaccine shots. When this happens, only the action of the victim can determine how the owner can avoid legal responsibility. It should be noted that victims can sue the animal owner for compensation for any harm related to the dog bite.

It is also imperative to understand the legal consequences. Furthermore, some steps are important to increase the probability of winning a dog bite injury case. This comprehensive guide will explain more in detail. So, don’t stop reading!

Here Are Some Steps To Do After A Dog Bite 

  1. Seek Medical Attention

Immediately after a dog bite injury, it is essential that you seek medical help. After all, your health is the priority at any given instance. Then, you can get yourself evaluated by medical professionals. When you do, you can promote your well-being. Besides this, you can also ensure that your injuries are well-documented. 

The importance of protecting your legal rights must not be ignored. Yet, you must consider your health as well. To achieve this, it is imperative that you seek the right medical attention at the right time. There are various dog bite laws that protect and compensate dog bite victims. You can help your cause when the injury is documented properly.

2. Reach Out to a Dog Bite Lawyer

Do not hesitate to speak to a dog bite attorney when you get bitten by a dog. This is particularly true for a serious dog bite injury case. When you hire a lawyer, you can take the right step toward winning your case. Dog bite lawyers can help in reviewing any evidence that is gathered on your behalf.  

They can also help you establish the liability of the owner. They can also help in managing negotiation and settlement with the insurance company. With the help of top dog bite lawyers, you are likely to get a higher settlement than you can do on your own. 

Reaching out to a lawyer can help you get answers to many questions: how long does settlement negotiation take? What is the average settlement for a dog bite case? How much is a dog bite lawsuit? Answers to these questions and many more can be helpful.

3. Identify the Owner of the Dog

The identity of the dog owner is one of the most important facts that must be established. To achieve this, there is certain information you must never ignore. With this, you can establish a claim for a dog bite injury:

  • the name of the dog owner or keeper
  • the residential address and other contact information of the owner or keeper
  • homeowners’ insurance is held by the dog owner or keeper

It is often difficult to prove that the negligence of the dog owner resulted in the dog attack. For this reason, it might be unnecessary to prove their ignorance. Yet, you must prove that the dog is controlled by the dog’s owner when you were bitten.

The identity of the dog owner can be easily established, especially when the dog belongs to a friend or neighbor. However, when you get bitten by a strange dog, it might prove difficult to identify the owner.

4. Gather Relevant Evidence

It might be unnecessary to prove the negligence of the dog owner. Yet, it is imperative to show that the injuries you have suffered were a direct consequence of the dog attack. Certain evidence can prove crucial:

  • eyewitness statements
  • medical records
  • photos of your injuries

You must also gather records of any expenses that are associated with the dog bite injury. These could include receipts for services or products that you pay for by yourself. Further notes should be made with respect to your recovery. By keeping the relevant records, it becomes easier to support your claims for negotiation and settlement. 

A good dog bite lawyer can help you assess the evidence you have gathered. With this, you can easily take the required steps that can help you establish your entitlement to compensation.

5. Contact the Authorities


Aside from consulting dog bite lawyers, you should also quickly contact the authorities when you are bitten and there is evidence of a dog attack. There is an animal control officer you can report the incidents to. It is the responsibility of the officer to investigate and take the right action. This could include restraining or seizing the dog.

You create an official record when you file a complaint with animal control officers concerning the dog bite incident. This is imperative when it comes to establishing the circumstances that led to the attack. You can support your personal injury claim with this.

This is especially the case if the dog is not wearing a license tag and you have no idea of its owner. In many states, once a dog bites someone, it must be quarantined to determine if it is rabid or not.

According to dog bite laws, victims should not necessarily report dog bite incidents to the police. Yet, if the injuries are very serious or the dog is not restrained properly, then you can file a police report. You can establish extra documentation of the incident when you report the attack to the police. This can further support your claim.


Dog bites must not be taken with levity. When such incidents happen, the first thing you do is seek proper medical attention. Then, you can proceed to file a lawsuit against the dog owner or keeper. This is done once you are not at fault for the actions that led to the dog bite injury. 


The best dog bite lawyers will help you establish your claim, especially if the owner disputes liability. With a good attorney, you are more likely to make informed decisions as you handle the situation legally.