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5 Traditional Italian Christmas Cookies and Cakes You Must Try



5 Traditional Italian Christmas Cookies and Cakes You Must Try

Christmas is coming closer! Some people are excited about decorating their trees and wrapping gifts, while others are planning what to serve as a tasty treat. When the place in Italy, there is no confusion about sweets to enjoy. Christmas cookies and cakes are a staple to homes in the region. There are a plethora of traditional Italian desserts that people in this gorgeous European country have been serving as a treat for the last many years.

Many Italian cities and small towns hold the pride to be origin places of several cookies/cakes, which are extremely popular around the world today. A well-decorated Italian bakery in any region of the world has plenty of options that can even confuse a cookie-lover from Italy.

If you are thinking of making the festivity special by adding Italian sweets to your food baskets for Christmas but don’t know what to buy, then here are the five best traditional cookies and cakes from the region:

  1. Sprinkle Cookies

5 Traditional Italian Christmas Cookies and Cakes You Must Try

As the name suggests, these are cute, sugary treats from Italy. These are tender and buttery cookies covered with sprinkles. These delicious cookies are a European kid’s dream. Although there are many recipes to prepare them, you should get them from a reputed store or bakery to experience their traditional Italian taste.

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  1. Amaretti

5 Traditional Italian Christmas Cookies and Cakes You Must Try

When it comes to the most famous traditional biscuits from the European country, amaretti is always on the list. These are almond-flavoured macarons that originated in Saronno a long time ago. Biscuits traditional to the commune of Lombardy, the invention of Amaretti di Saronno dates back to the early 18th century when a couple welcomed a bishop with an original cookie treat.

Today, there are many versions of amaretti with different recipes from each other. These are also available as gluten-free Christmas cookies. As per the traditional recipes, the main ingredients of the biscuits include almonds, egg whites, sugar, and amaretto.

  1. Biscotti

5 Traditional Italian Christmas Cookies and Cakes You Must Try

Popularly known as Biscotti di Prato, the biscuit is a traditional Tuscan cantuccio. Biscotti was originated in the city of Prato. Today, it is famous all across Europe due to its twice-baked nature. Biscotti cookies are oblong-shaped, crunchy biscuits that can be taken with different types of drinks. As per traditional recipes, Vin Santo is the best drink to dip these delicious cookies.

Made of flour, sugar, eggs, and almonds, the cookies can be purchased from a reputed Italian food store and added to your Christmas basket. You can either enjoy them with your family or gift them to your guests to make them experience traditional Christmas cookies from Italy.

  1. Panettone Cake

5 Traditional Italian Christmas Cookies and Cakes You Must Try

When it comes to the best Italian Christmas cake, panettone cake is always there as an option. The sweet bread loaf was first baked in Milan. Today, it is extremely popular across Europe and other parts of the world. The cake’s main ingredients are flour, candied fruit, and raisins.

In many regions of Italy, panettone is a staple to the dining table. In addition, it can be purchased to gift to loved ones.

  1. Pandoro

There is always competition between panettone and pandoro to be the best cake in Italy. There are some people who like panettone, while others go for pandoro, especially kids. The traditional Italian sweet bread makes a delicious addition to the dining table during Christmas and New Year. It’s a Veronese product that comes in the shape of a star.

In the end

Make traditional Christmas cookies and cakes part of the festivity to add a delicious touch to the occasion. Instead of making these traditional desserts on your own, buy them from a reputed online store that imports these desserts from well-known Italian brands and delivers them to customers’ doorstep.  

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