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5 Unique ‘Treat Yourself’ Gifts Because You’re Worth It




The holiday season is almost here. We still have enough time to find the best possible gifts for our loved ones. Meanwhile, we should also give some unique treats to ourselves, too. Putting yourself first above everything else is the most rewarding form of self-care. On that note, treat yourself to some unique gifts because you are worth it.

Spa experience

If you’ve been working and running around a lot, your body deserves a hard reset. So, treat yourself to a relaxing spa experience. Your body, mind, and soul will be reborn after this indulgence. Pick a place where you can get a facial, a massage, spend some time in the sauna and detoxify. Above all, use this time to disconnect from your daily worries. Use this total body indulgence to escape your reality for some time. Afterward, you will feel lighter, calmer and renewed. Use this spa day to pamper yourself to the fullest and reap all health benefits.

New linen

When we think of shopping, we always associate this activity to buying a new pair of shoes or yet another dress. Even though a typical retail therapy might make us happy, we should buy something else for ourselves. When was the last time you bought yourself some lovely, colorful linens? So, use this opportunity to treat yourself with some quality bed sheets. Think of a color you like and try to picture your bed wrapped up in such bed sheets. This might even improve your sleep routine. Nonetheless, it will improve the decor of your bedroom. This might be the time to invest in some silk bedsheets which are good for the skin. A silk pillowcase is also your companion in wrinkle prevention.

A day trip to feed your wanderlust 

One of the best ways to feed a person’s curiosity and expose them to something new is to travel. A thoughtfully planned day trip won’t break your budget. Moreover, it will make your heart race, feed the soul and satisfy your wanderlust. Travel gives us the opportunity to step out of our comfort zones and experience something new. For starters, go to a nearby town that has many attractive things to offer. If you don’t like the idea of traveling alone, invite a friend or two and make some great memories together.

Spoil yourself with some sweet treat

What can be the best way to treat yourself than to indulge in some fine sweets. You can also reserve this treat for a special occasion. Without a doubt, birthdays fall into this category. So, for your next birthday, order a delicious cake from Zest Patisserie and wow your guests with your choice. Cakes are often the center of attention and you want yours to be amazing. A delicious cake will satisfy even the pickiest of tastes and impress everyone. A dessert will also make you happy by releasing serotonin and endorphins so this gift is definitely worth splurging on. 

A variety of face masks

Take care of your skin while you decide to pamper yourself with some amazing gifts. A face mask provides two things in return. You will give your skin the TLC it craves and refreshes it along the way. It also gives you the chance to spend 15–20 minute on a mindful timeout. There are several masks every woman should own. Sheet masks are easy to use as you just put the sheet on your face and remove it. They are best for hydrating your skin. Next, we have clay masks that are used to detoxify the skin, remove excess sebum and purge the pores. Gel masks are good for calming sensitive skin and for hydration, too. Serums, especially vitamin C, prevents and reverses the signs of aging. Lastly, exfoliating masks help you get rid of dead skin cells, unclogs your pores and refreshes your skin. Face masks are the perfect self-care idea you’ll enjoy.

Essential oil diffuser 

An essential oil diffuser set is the perfect gift you can give to yourself for the holidays. Not only do they add aroma to the room, but these smells stimulate your brain, boost your energy and improve your health. Chamomile and Lavender oils are known to reduce stress and improve sleep. Oregano, Lemon, Tea tree and Peppermint oils are good for your immune system. Lemongrass, Rosemary, Spearmint, and 

Tangerine oils may improve memory, cognitive function, and focus. The choices are vast and you can only benefit from diffusing essential oils in your living space.


Sometimes people have to be selfish and give something nice to themselves. A bit of gentle TLC can only improve your mood and make you happier. Investing in yourself is the best investment you can make, so just do it.

Mianna Korben is a writer with a passion for anything that will help her improve her life, wellbeing and set her on a path to success. She is an avid reader, coffee drinker and fitness enthusiast. When she’s not wordsmithing, she also enjoys travel and staying active.