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5 Ways for First-time Parents to Prepare Early for Christmas Season



First-time Parents to Prepare Early for Christmas Season

The most wonderful time of the year is almost here. You know how hurried things might feel around Christmas time. This year, things could get even busier for you now that you’re living a married life and raising kids or welcoming them for the first time. Your new role as a parent means that you’ll have to adjust your habits or plans so that you can enjoy Christmas with your family’s little bundle of joy.

Avoid the holiday rush and sit back instead with these suggestions to get yourself and your family ready for your first Christmas together.

1. Prepare your Christmas decor.

Your first Christmas as a parent is one of the most joyous occasions to celebrate as a new family. Make it as memorable as possible for everyone, starting with your home décor. Check out different ways of achieving the look you want for your home, and pick a schedule to buy the supplies you need should you decide to craft your own holiday decor.

Think of a theme that you would like to recreate in your family nest, whether it’s a white Christmas or a Santa Claus-inspired idea. Be sure to post pictures of your decorated home on Facebook, Instagram or Pinterest, so your child can one day look back at the memories of your first Christmas as a new family.

2. Keep a calendar.

The holiday season is endless time for parties, reunions, late nights-out,  and all the other Christmas-related events. Don’t let your frantic schedule as a new mom or dad get the better of you.

Stay organized and composed by filling your events calendar on your downtime, such as when the baby is taking his or her afternoon nap. Sit down with your partner to discuss and plan for important dates and tasks that you can’t afford to miss.

When you’ve got everything planned for the holidays, you’ll have less time worrying if you forgot to make arrangements for your in-laws to get picked up from the bus station or if the party meals you ordered will be delivered on time for the Christmas gathering that you’re hosting.

3. Start shopping for gifts.

You might have been doing last-minute gift shopping the past Christmases, but this year, try giving it an all-new approach. Prepare a gift list early and store it in your phone. Whenever you make a trip to your favorite mall to buy your baby’s weekly or monthly supplies, refer to your list and do some Christmas shopping on the side. Shopping for gifts at scheduled intervals instead of buying everything at once is helpful in tracking and controlling your expenses.

4. Keep an eye on sales, bazaars, and promos.

Having a new baby at home can be financially challenging since you’ll have to prioritize your baby’s needs in your family budget.

At the same time, you’ll still want to be able to celebrate the Christmas season despite the additional expenses of rearing your baby. Just remember that the amount you spend to buy gifts, clothes, and other items doesn’t have to reach bank-breaking levels. You’ll easily find holiday flash sales, bazaars, and night markets that encourage you to shop on a bargain.

Take advantage of these shopping events to look for cheaper items that are as nice as high-priced goods on your list. Online loans could come in handy for your Christmas shopping needs, so check them out in time for your scheduled day to go to the mall.

5. Buy your groceries early.

Early preparations for Christmas can save you loads of time and money. Since holiday celebrations always include food and drinks, you should be ready to cook great recipes and prepare a feast for your loved ones and other special guests.

Create your menu well ahead of family gatherings, so you can set aside a budget and buy the ingredients you need before the prices of goods go up.  To make menu planning easy, you can ask your family or friends for food suggestions. If you have a special holiday dish that everyone is looking forward to eating at Christmas, add some new twist to the recipe to spice things up.

The holiday spirit is contagious, but you should be careful not to get too carried away. With a new baby in the family, you need to be wise so as not to spend more than you can afford on shopping, food, or other merry-making activities. As they say, a penny saved is a penny earned.

With careful and early planning, you should be able to spread the season’s cheer to your family while experiencing the joy and pride that comes with parenthood.

Originally Published on Cashalo.