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5 Ways to Buy Your Favorite Items from Japan



5 Ways to Buy Your Favorite Japanese Items Online

Purchasing products from Japan can get extremely difficult for someone who is not from Japan. There are several Japanese websites which do not accept international credit cards or ship outside Japan.

Even if some websites allow, they take the user through a hefty registration process. This online registration turns out to be a problematic experience for non-natives or non-Japanese speakers even if they use a language translation tool. This has led to the creation of exclusivity for certain brands and goods in the isolated consumer market space. However, with the introduction of online Japan proxy services, your loved Japanese products are a few clicks away, that too with relatively little hassling ordering experience.
Earlier, but not very long ago, if one needed any exclusive goods from Japan, the only way to get them were by traveling there and fetching them by yourself, or you could ask someone known to buy those for you and send it to you. Both the options weren’t particularly pocket-friendly.

But the Japan shopping proxy sites have made it easier. These sites like Sendico, Zenmarket, Buyee, Fromjapan, to list a few, act as a middleman between you and the Japanese stores. You have to pay a small convenience charge and the shipping charges and get anything you like. Though this mechanism of paying through a proxy service might seem a little devious, it is not. You pay a reliable company to buy you a product through secure and protected payment gateways. These websites offer you an opportunity to buy anything you have been longing for from Japan. These proxy sites are your chance to acquire what you yearn for.

These Japan online proxy sites allow you to get your favorites with extreme ease.

Wondering how to shop on Japan shopping proxy sites?

You can use these sites to browse portals like Rakuten, Yahoo auction proxy service as well as Amazon. All you have to do is, enter the URL of a site you want to shop from.

1. Get a quote:

Check if the item is available for purchase. If yes, then add it to your cart. The shopping proxy site will soon confirm the price and availability of the item.


2. Pay Immediately or Make a Fund Deposit:

If your chosen item is available at your disposal for purchase, you can pay there and then as per the price that has been confirmed to you. In case, you are bidding on an auction, first and foremost you have to deposit funds to your account, after which you will be able to make a bid.


3. Wait for a few days:

These proxy sites will order your item and get it delivered to their warehouse, and after proper packaging and ensuring utmost safety standards will it dispatch it to you. In cases when you shop from a Yahoo! auction, they will buy your item from the seller and follow the same process of receiving at their warehouse and sending it across to you. While the process of procurement from Japanese stores may be quicker, procuring auction product from individuals might take longer.


4. Select the desired shipping method:

When your order is received at the warehouse of these proxy sites, you are intimated of the same. You can then choose from the listed shipping methods and specify your address. After that, you are given the confirmation of the shipping price before finally shipping your item. In case you are ordering more than one item, there are multiple shipping options to choose from, such as item be shipped in the same box or separately.


5. Pay for shipping:

The last step is to pay for the shipping of your item and complete the interaction. You will receive your package depending upon your shipping method. Usually, your item arrives in one to two weeks.

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